the list.

this is THE LIST.

check back occasionally to see what's been crossed off!

101 things i want to do before i turn 34 (ideally) or 35 (realistically) and i'm turning 35, september 29th - soooooo... um. yeah.

**update** so, i've surpassed my birthday numerous times since creating this list. i suppose it now serves as a "let's get it done at some point" list!! hahaha. 

  1. take an out-of-province road trip
  2. cook a turkey by myself
  3. get rid of 101 things
  4. get up to date pictures printed and put into albums
  5. organize & back-up all computer files on BOTH computers
  6. give only homemade gifts (by me!) for Christmas
  7. donate blood
  8. take a weekend or day trip with my mom and sisters
  9. complete the 200 Sit-ups Challenge ( um?
  10. host a wine-tasting/dinner party, sans kids
  11. wake up at 630am every day. 7am has been the norm. 630am is now the new norm.
  12. take a creative art/computer course
  13. explore more of Hamilton and surrounding neighbourhoods. on foot.
  14. see the top 10 falls of Hamilton
  15. read more books. children’s books do not apply, obviously. summer of 2013 and this is happening! 4 books so far. :)
  16. drink 8 glasses of water a day, (or try to drink more water/day). meh.
  17. take a cooking class
  18. make homemade bread. at least 12 different kinds. (1 per month)
  19. go to the movies by myself.
  20. fundraise for cp. - clothing donations, toy donations. anything. <-- this is ongoing.
  21. create a family picture wall for the 2nd floor hallway.
  22. clean out my gmail & hotmail inboxes
  23. knit ozzie’s newborn/lap blanket
  24. be crafty during naptimes while miles is at school (at least 2x a week)
  25. meal plan twice a month. (two week plans)
  26. make more muffins for snacks and lunches ongoing.
  27. make every recipe from Earth To Table (or other cookbook i love - super natural food?)
  28. get a membership for the royal botanical gardens and USE it.
  29. watch our movie collection, in no particular order. WITH brendan of course. make list.
  30. make a time capsule with the kids and bury it in the backyard
  31. plan out our main floor renovation *now for our new house! (moved in april 2015!)
  32. paint the two bathrooms paint basement bathroom oops. then we moved.
  33. write a letter to miles for him to open when he’s an adult.
  34. write a letter to ozzie for him to open when he’s an adult.
  35. write a letter to brendan for him to open when he turns 60.
  36. write a letter to myself to open when I turn 60.
  37. make an indian feast and invite some family over to enjoy it!
  38. take the wallpaper off the master bedroom walls, (ugh) and paint it
  39. start up my etsy store
  40. sign up for a craft show (fall 2012)
  41. publish/print favourite family recipes in book format. (blurb?)
  42. be more consistent w/pen pal letters.
  43. save money to buy a kitchenaid stand mixer. love of my life brendan, bought me this for my 33rd birthday. <3
  44. write about where i want to be in 10 years
  45. learn how to fancy ice a cake
  46. take miles to hockey by myself
  47. dare i say more date nights. proud to say this has been happening!
  48. design my own fabric. get it printed. (
  49. new real haircut/style.2015
  50. look up urban legends and/or ghost stories in waterdown or hamilton. investigate! ghost walk? <- maybe for halloween, 2015? 2016? with the boys.
  51. alphabet wall - find at least 13 more letters
  52. plan & have a brunch party
  53. plan our family's escape route in case of fire.
  54. design our new main floor - open concept
  55. go to craft shows to get ideas for my own craft show table set up
  56. go to craft shows by myself for FUN, day out though ongoing
  57. have family portraits taken
  58. marketing for graphic design, more clients! yay money!
  59. save money to go towards a fancy new sewing machine birthday gift! yay. :)
  60. visit the aberfoyle antique/flea market
  61. order a dress online - without having tried it on. don’t be afraid!
  62. spend a day in toronto with my boys - riding subways, streetcars and buses. citypass, summer 2013
  63. have ice cream sundaes or banana splits for dinner.
  64. make a summer wish list - things to do with the family over the summer holiday
  65. make a new wreath for each season.
  66. TRY to make a to-do list for that day, every morning.
  67. make a crewel sampler
  68. design a large king size quilt
  69. make said designed king size quilt - 1 block at a time.
  70. sew the binding on by hand. (king sized quilt)
  71. design/create wedding invites for annie + ben
  72. jello playdough.
  73. compile a list of 34 random things about myself.
  74. design our new bathroom.
  75. fly somewhere with only carry on luggage (!) *wedding trip!!
  76. make a board of pins (pinterest) and make at least 10 of them.
  77. widdle down my reader to blogs i actually read. aquire new blogs to read.
  78. in one of the 2 week meal plans: make it ALL vegetarian. 2 weeks.
  79. play hooky and take the boys on an adventure - the art gallery? science museum? the rom? ripley's aquarium in toronto!
  80. list 20 things i like about someone and give the list to that person and make their day.
  81. geocaching. check it out in our area, if it is in our area...?
  82. put together some photo puzzle blocks. give as gifts.
  83. since i signed up months ago:  Exchange postcards with a stranger.
  84. buttertart trail anyone? yes please
  85. help with the organization of the garage.
  86. start drawing again.
  87. pack a big picnic lunch and go to a “new” to us park (not in our neighbourhood) for the day.
  88. psychic reading. probably with my sisters.
  89. blow gigantic bubbles
  90. find a really interesting restaurant online, take a dish from their menu and try to copy it at home.
  91. attempt to make homemade ice cream.
  92. make an ice cream cake.
  93. this has been in my to make folder for some time: Use crayons and wax paper to create faux stained glass
  94. photobooth portrait with my family
  95. learn how to tie a necktie.
  96. document my day in photographs.
  97. turn the big green jar into a terrarium. oops. gave it away.
  98. with the boys: build a baking soda volcano.
  99. quit facebook.
  100. more time with my family. less time with my computer.
  101. plan and have a 40th birthday party for myself


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