hello & thank you so much for stopping by to check things out! i’m erin. around here i talk a lot about my 2 boys, miles + ozzie. they are strong willed and stubborn + creative and loving. ozzie has spastic diplegia which is a result of his cerebral palsy. this website allows me to talk about what he's going through and possibly help any other parent who has a child that is on a similar journey. i also post about projects i'm working on, different craft shows/sales i'm a part of or just life in general! i love to sew quilts, felt food and stuffed guys/monsters based on my kids' drawings.

my sewing background goes a little like this: home ec classes started in grade 7. i wanted to know how to sew before anyone else in my class so i could be the best. my mom had her own sewing room. i have so many memories of that room & a lot of my childhood was spent in there. whether i was being measured for a dress, sorting through her button jars or looking through all her fabric scraps - that room will always hold a special place in my mind.

since that first lesson, i’ve learned so much. but it was my mom who would patiently help me if i had to re-thread the machine, thread the bobbin or rip out all those tiny stitches if i really screwed up. thank you mom, you were a great teacher.  

i've been operating my sewing machine on various dining room tables since 1988 but now i have my own sewing studio. if you're interested in a custom monster, stuffed animal or blanket, please don't hesitate to drop me a line. i really enjoy seeing someone's idea come to life via my sewing machine! (milesandozzie @ gmail dot com)