Tuesday, June 21, 2016

quiet. but of course not.

Shhh it's so quiet isn't it? I mean over here. So quiet...I've been m.i.a. Sooo quiet.

Okay, it's quiet here, but not really because, in real life, it's been busier than it's ever been. Things with the house - like general upkeep, some gardening stuff, a new garage is happening, the kids and school and sports and meetings and therapy and well, life in general. 

So. I haven't been sewing much at all lately. And now, school is almost out for summer holidays. Which means the kids are home all day. every day. and busy days (with many rules) will be in full swing. But today? Well...

This morning Ozzie had his dominant hand casted in preparation for the constraint camp* he will attend in August. We found out there will be a lot of the same kids as last year which I think eased Ozzie's nerves. Together with one of the occupational therapist camp leaders, the three of us discussed and set some goals that we hope the constraint camp will help him to achieve. As we left, I could tell the dread had left, he didn't say one bad thing about the camp or about having to go back to school. 

I've noticed a lot lately, in various meetings regarding Ozzie is that his input is invaluable. He wants to be big, make decisions and be as independent as (safely) possible. With our guidance and his strength and perseverance, he'll get there, it may just take a little bit longer. 

Ice cream cone.

*Constraint camp: casting the "good" hand to work on improving the function of the weaker, less used hand.

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  1. you are very handsome son! and I think in a kindergarten it is very fun and has a lot of friends

  2. Probably ice cream is a favorite treat for all children, because I have never seen a child who refused to eat ice cream.