Wednesday, August 12, 2015

botox round 2.

ozzie had botox injections today at mcmaster children's hospital, spasticity clinic.

to say he was the toughest almost 6 year old i know? understatement of the year. 
was he nervous? yes.
was his heart beating a mile a minute? yes (i heard it).
did he charm all the doctors and nurses he met? yes. 
he tried to charm one of the receptionists but she has a hard nut to crack. oh well, can't win them all. 
did he have 4 injections? yes. left and right hamstring, right gastroc
did he earn a few more bravery beads? yes he did (5 more new ones).
did he cry? not even one little tear.
new lego set? you betcha.
yogurty's for an after dinner treat? yes please. 

i can't say enough wonderful things about the staff and doctors we deal with at mcmaster and chedoke. they make each place such a welcoming environment that ozzie is not afraid of going to his appointments. which has helped immensely and of course, so does the kid. i don't know if it's because of just who he is, or because in the last 4 years these appointments have become his normal. i don't know. but i do know that today he did great, was super patient and courageous through it all. i'm sure with butterflies in his tummy just like his mama. 

he was happy all afternoon: we went for a walk and visited friends (thanks Steph!), he built his new lego set, ran round in the yard with Miles and of course he had to walk over to Yogurty's for froyo. i suppose a lot of these things have now become "botox traditions." so be it.

thanks to those who sent their love and thoughts via instagram. 
ozzie's doing well and i'm breathing a sigh of relief.

next botox appointment: feb 10, 2016.

for interest sake: you can read more about the use of botox in kids with cp here:

#cerebralpalsy #specialneeds #botox #TEAMOZZIE #highTEN


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