Tuesday, October 29, 2013


time is flying. how is it already almost november!?
so here's a quick update.

fall made by handshow:
thank you so much to:
all who came by and chatted, took business cards, complimented me on my art and most of all to those of you took a little piece of my work home with you. thank you thank you thank you!
it was a great day and the boys and brendan came to help me pack up at the end. a nice way to end the day.


halloween's past:

yep. reminiscing. this year the boys are going out as spiderman (ozzie) and the grim reaper (miles). rain in the forecast but that hasn't stopped us before!


this was the first day of school picture that i may have posted on facebook. but not here. so here.

boys are really loving school and the routine is working well for them both. ozzie has made friends with a lot of kids already. miles is enjoying his classroom, friends and is finding grade 1 is a lot more work - with some playtime thrown in too. occasionally ozzie will get mopey and sad at dropoff, but usually i'll go help him with his shoes and he's happy to give me a hug and kiss so i'm on my way. there's a whole post in my head about how he's adapted to his classroom and classmates. i just need to write it out. suffice to say: it's going great!


cold weather makes me want to hibernate.


but the holiday cheer is just around the corner!


another upcoming show to tell you about. i will be a part of the christmas made by hand show, saturday, november 30th from 10am - 5pm, hamilton convention centre! really looking forward to this one folks. if you would like to purchase tickets in advance, go here: http://www.madebyhandshow.ca/tickets/.

hope to see you there!


  1. I just love your family so much. And Miles' face at your show made me bust out laughing.

    I can't wait to hear/read about how Ozzie is doing at school.

    1. thank you! when we left the made by hand show, someone looked at the kids and said, "oh my goodness - are THEY miles + ozzie!? hey guys!" to which they both looked at me and said, "WHO IS SHE?" haha.

      so cute. :)

  2. Hi Erin!
    I am a newbie in the Hammer and didn`t know about this show! I will have to swing by (after I google map where it is!) Looking forward to seeing your new goodies!!
    -Amanda (mehker)