Monday, September 30, 2013

lunchtime funnies.

every day i put a special note in miles and ozzie's lunch boxes. now that we're a month in to school (a MONTH already?) i find myself scrambling 10 mins before we leave to jot something down just so they have something. however, there are days when things are less scrambly and i have a few moments to draw.

usually the note has something to do with what's happened in class the day before, or a song they've learned, or what may be happening on the upcoming weekend. i started out this school year just writing a quick note to both miles and ozzie, usually something like, "have a great day, see you after school! xo love mom." i know miles would read them and i know ozzie's teacher would read them to him. she'd gush over the notes after school when i picked ozzie up.

well, miles was getting bored of the 2 liners and ozzie can't read. so one dot connected to the next and well, since all that money was spent at art school - i figured i'd draw for ozzie. to which miles wanted me to draw for him too.

last week they both had a request instead of me surprising them:  mom, please draw a cat tickling another cat. *shrug* so that's what i gave em. heh. they both thought it was hilarious. because it is. hahah. meeooooow!

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  1. I love so much that this is what they requested, and I love even more that you drew it. Awesome stuff all around.