Wednesday, August 28, 2013

hear ye. hear ye.

updates. goals. announcements.
with both boys in school full time this september, i have some things i'd love to accomplish over the next while:

  • i haven't gone back into the workforce yet. i still want to be readily available for the kids if and when they need me. ozzie shouldn't have as many appointments in the next while as he has had in the past, now that he'll be in school full time. however, if he does need to go see his physiotherapist or occupational therapist for issues that are beyond school concerns - of course we'll make those happen. if one of the kids gets sick or needs to go to the doctor, dentist, therapist, hospital? i'll be here too. 

  • i'm giving myself this school year to make a go of sewing full time. stocking my etsy shop with lots of goodies and sticking to a rigid schedule of creating, posting, selling. this school year is a great opportunity to try this full time, to see if i enjoy it, to see if it's a good fit for me - or if it's more suited to just a hobby. so i'm going to really concentrate, organize and try hard to make it work. when will i get an opportunity like this again? nose to the grindstone, folks!

  • i'm excited to announce that i'm going to be a part of the Fall Made by Hand Show this year!

here's the details that you should maybe mark in your calendar (do it.)
Saturday October 19th, 11am - 5pm
International Centre, 6900 Airport Road, Mississauga Ont., L4V 1E8
tickets: $5.00/adult, kids are free.
over 190 exhibitors!

get more info on this event, right here:
bypass the lineup! you can purchase tickets in advance, online here. please use my name Erin Bresnahan or miles + ozzie as the referral name.
it's time to churn out some new things, made exclusively for this show!


  • i'm turning 35 on september 29th. yep. i haven't accomplished everything on the LIST and i'm okay with that. a lot has been done already and it's just good to have ANY ol' list to chip away at. and that's my plan. i hope the next year is as rewarding and awesome as the last year. here's to 35.


  1. I'm maybe a little excited for you to start sewing and stashing things on Etsy. coughHOLIDAYScough

  2. Thanks for sharing the event with your readers. Looking forward to seeing your full product line ~ Made by Hand