Wednesday, August 21, 2013

2 + 2 = ozzie

today he is four.

i can remember the night he was born just like it was yesterday. the car seat hadn't been installed yet because his due date was september 2nd. we weren't prepared.

so, we threw it in the back of the car along with our hospital bag which i had to pack quickly that night because again, we weren't prepared.

brendan was an hour away, and an hour away from finishing work but he made it home and we grabbed our stuff, jumped in the car. of course we had to stop and get gas before heading to the hospital. because yep, we weren't prepared.

in his first 18 months ozzie managed to hit most milestones in a timely fashion, so there wasn't much for us, as parents, to worry about. we also chalked up some things to being a 2nd baby and just taking his sweet time to do things.  he ate lots + grew, he laughed a lot while he played with his brother. but when he wasn't walking by 2 years old, we definitely knew something was wrong and as much as we'd hoped for things just to miraculously be fine - well. they weren't. and...we weren't prepared.

we weren't prepared for his official diagnosis. and in the last two years of his life, we weren't prepared for the amount of time we'd be in and out of doctor's offices, therapist visits, hanging out in hospital waiting rooms, visiting and talking with different specialists. quite a lot for a kid to go through, in such a short time span, but we have been at his side throughout it all. and ozzie? takes it all in stride. it's our normal. it's our life. but in the end, it is his journey.

at this moment, as he turns 4, i am so pleased to report that i can see the light. i can see all the exciting opportunities that, as we first received ozzie's diagnosis of cerebral palsy, i couldn't help but feel were dimmed. and we've cheered him on from the sidelines. we have learned not to put limits on what he can do, because really, i believe he'll always prove us wrong and show us that he's able to do it. he'll just do it HIS way. he is quite the inspiration, folks. he hugs with all his heart and that heart? well, his heart is full of so much love.

in the last few months he's come so far.
  • he's in regular non adaptive swimming lessons.
  • he played blastball (tball) this summer.
  • he's learning to ride his balance bike.
  • he's growing fast and just recently got his new afo and his smo (new braces for his legs and feet). 
  • he is eagerly awaiting the start of junior kindergarten.
  • he loves anything to do with fire engines, construction vehicles and lego.
  • his imagination is a force to be reckoned with. i love hearing him tell stories - whether it's about his imaginary friend, mike or about what he does at work (oh yes folks, he works at a movie theatre watching movies don't ya know?).
  • he can get dressed (minus his braces/shoes) almost all by himself.
  • he has been going to a week long fine motor skills camp and has had so much fun there - playing games, doing crafts and making friends.
  • he is NOT a baby (he'll always be my baby), but he is a BIG KID.
four years ago, at women's college hospital in toronto, ontario, ozzie was born. he was put on my chest and i snuggled that baby boy and everything fell into place and he nursed easily and i kissed his head and i loved him. and then i thought, we ARE prepared. he is our son. ozzie donald. our love.

happy fourth birthday ozzie, we love you more than you know.
and now? we eat CAKE.

Be who you are and say what you feel,
because those who mind don’t matter,
and those who matter don’t mind.
-Dr. Seuss

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  1. Oh, Erin. This made me cry. Your soul, and even the heart of your entire family, knew how to love and encourage Ozzie even before you knew what his needs might be.

    Happy birthday to him!