Monday, April 29, 2013

the same. but different.

he's 2,193 days old. my first born is six.

in six years he has:
captured our hearts.
made us laugh. daily.
taught us to think differently.
allowed us to love unconditionally and with open arms.

we've watched him grow and thrive and we look forward to helping him continue his journey.

i can still remember the day we brought him home from the hospital, putting his car seat on the floor of our living room, wondering what to do next. where was the manual? he has taught both brendan and i a lot. but this is what he taught me: sleep? overrated. coffee became my new love. or how showering was newly coveted "me" time. that bringing all the snacks and drinks and remotes one could possibly cover a coffee table with in no time flat was essential, because he planned to nurse and snuggle and pin me to that couch for the entire day. and well. those early days? i embraced them, as much as i could at that point. as hazy as i can remember them being. i look back on them with fondness now. but i know at the time, i was exhausted, frustrated, elated, tired, excited, and at the end of the day over the moon happy. those early days seemed so long, our routines repeated over and over and over.

today our routine is different. the same. but different.

the days go by much faster for some reason. remember sitting around staring at your little tiny baby? wondering about the kind of kid he would become? miles is that kid now. he's a real, big kid.

he's reading big kid books + comics and loves to read them to ozzie. he loves building anything with lego and making elaborate dioramas with his playmobil. he plays organized sports - hockey + t-ball and continues to progress in his swimming lessons. over the years he's gone from requesting cake decorating and cars 2 toy videos on youtube to episodes of scooby doo and ninjago. he can run wild with his imagination and i love it. he loves to draw + make pictures of his family. to turning everything into clues and a mystery a la the scooby doo gang.

i couldn't imagine a life without miles. i can hardly remember a life without him. six years is both such a long time and such a short time. and now i sit and and let my thoughts wander and wonder, as i did when he was a baby. the thoughts? they are the same. but different. who will he become? what will he accomplish? what will make him happy? ...

Friday, April 12, 2013

up close.

looking for a happy home.

come check them out at Heirlooms show in welland, june 14-15th. or feel free to contact me if you're interested in buying one sooner.


babywearing mama cat.


family portrait.

Monday, April 8, 2013


lots of work going into preparing for the Heirlooms show, coming up in June.

among the creations are a lot of animals!


i'm having some serious fun creating:

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