Sunday, March 17, 2013

march break.

this week flew by.

first we had some visitors come and play and have a sleepover. THAT was fun. thanks so much for coming holly. we loved having you, calvin + alyse over. those days seemed to go by so fast because we were all having so much fun. we also wished you lived around the corner so that those kind of days could happen more often.

this was the best shot of the few i had.

a far cry from waaaaaaay back when... awwww. cousins.

after the sad, tearful goodbye, we had a day full of hangin' out + scooby doo episodes.

also one afternoon this past week, we had some time to visit westfield heritage village in rockton for their special maple syrup festival. the kids had lots of fun even though it was a bit cold and windy. we ended up buying a year pass and will be able to enjoy lots of other events they have going on throughout the year. we'll also take advantage and take some hikes through some of the lovely conservation areas in our neck of the woods too. yay!

here's a photo dump of our day:

we also had lots more hanging out time. brendan has been teaching the boys chess. we've played busytown. lego. puzzles. cartoons. reading lots of books and the boys had a sleepover at gram + grandads' and brendan and i went to the movies to see silver linings playbook. i ate popcorn. and chocolate.

miles was lucky enough to go to a leafs game with daddio on saturday night while ozzie + i stayed home and played more games of busytown. ozzie was sad when he couldn't go too, but when i told him he could pick out whatever movie he wanted that night, he was excited to hang out with his ma. :) he'll have his own special night out with dad at some point too.

overall, i was thinking this week off of school would be long and drawn out and the kids would be booooored. but it flew by. i am excited to get back into our routine but i am not looking forward to that alarm clock and our early wake ups.


  1. Beautiful family Erin...Marilyn D

  2. FUN! That little village looks interesting, and makes for a gorgeous photo backdrop. I get such a kick out of old-timey places like that.

    I haven't seen SLPlaybook but I want to! I read the book. I don't think the book is much like the movie, but maybe just based off of it? Regardless, I want to see it!

    Your boys are so darling!

  3. We took the kids when they were very young and when they were pre-teens to the maple syrup tapping at Westfield Heritage Village, we loved it each time. This is something every child should experience once.