Wednesday, February 6, 2013

school prep.

as i sit here, surrounded by tiny pieces of playmobil, lego minifigs and beyblades - i can see the chaotic path my children have been on all morning. it's not a school day today so both boys have been playing quietly in the living room together as i help out with putting heads on playmobil figures or taking pieces of lego apart. 

i see two very independent, creative boys with minds full of wonder and imagination. sometimes they play with each other until a little fight erupts and i have to play referee. put that on repeat at least a dozen times already. they are so similar and they are so different.

as i watch miles talk to ozzie about what it's like to be in kindergarten, i see a really thoughtful, caring big brother. ozzie is so excited to start school in september. full day. every day. they have conversations. i love seeing this special relationship they have and hope it continues as they grow. i know that when ozzie starts school, miles will be there to look out for him. 

since learning of ozzie's diagnosis of cerebral palsy, i've worried about ozzie. needless worry, i'm sure, but i'm his mom and that's my job, right? my biggest ongoing worry has been school, what other kids might say or ask about his leg or brace? will he be prepared? how will he do? well. really, these are pretty normal worries. 

well. the wheels are in motion. february 19th we register ozzie for school, stating he has special needs and this gets the school entry meeting scheduled. his therapists have already started on their letters to the school. things he'll need help with, certain adaptations for the classroom, etc.

over the last year we've been quite proactive through occupational therapy, physio therapy and most recently with speech therapy via chedoke hospital in hamilton, for ozzie's different issues; including, getting himself dressed, walking up and down stairs independently, holding writing utensils in preparation for writing!, using scissors, and of course speaking clearly. he's working very hard on all of the above. some days he has tantrums, isn't feeling certain tasks while other days he's super excited about drawing or talking. super normal 3 year old behaviour.

we've also seen a 2nd developmental pediatrician via a cerebral palsy study through mcmaster hospital, an awesome neurologist who i think may have implanted a fascination of all things body parts in ozzie's brain? and we've also been having routine visits with ozzie's pediatric orthopedic surgeon. at the latest appointment with her she prescribed a second brace for ozzie to wear on his left ("good") foot. it's called an smo supramalleolar orthosis, and he'll get that in april. the purpose of this new brace: 

  • controls internal rotary deformity, pronation and/or flat foot in children with low tone.
  • improves balance and coordination while allowing for range of motion in the sagittal plane.

this is ozzie's normal + this is our normal: hospitals, appointments and therapies. he doesn't know anything different. he loves his therapists and he loves to show them what he can do, or he'll sit and tell them stories or about things he knows a lot about: firetrucks, good guys/bad guys, and brains. i loathe the next few months when i have to tell him his physio therapist is going on maternity leave. this makes me a little sad too. we really do love her. but life happens and we'll get a new therapist and ozzie will continue to thrive because he's pretty cool with change and meeting new people. and does it while SMILING.

see what i just wrote there? this is exactly how i know he'll react to school and i should stop worrying and just realize he's a bright, smart kid who is tough and rolls with the punches. 

as long as he's not throwing the punches.

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