Tuesday, January 22, 2013

floor pillows.

over the weekend, i took part in a very loosely planned + thrown together #sewalong.

twitter friends sarah + emma + i had all pinned a floor pillow on pinterest that looked like a fun, easy, weekend project. it's also great to get out of my comfort zone and do projects that actually have instructions. usually i'm more free spirited with my fabric, i have an idea and go with it. this project had actual measurements and i took it on as a challenge.

you can go to this link for the tutorial.

i had volunteered to make a few of these pillows for miles' library corner in his kindergarten classroom. i made a few alterations: instead of the 17" size i made mine 24" and instead of a lofty 9" high pillow, i cut mine down to 6."

this was fun. i hope to continue #sewalongs with sarah + emma. but really anyone can follow along on twitter. if there's a tutorial or pattern you're itching to try out, go for it! this type of thing is really great for learning new skills: i made my own piping! as well as motivation which we all know i had been sorely lacking in that department lately.

why not try something new? make a list and post it on your wall - no not on facebook - a wall in your house! pinterest is fine and dandy but i find i'm always forgetting things i've pinned. having a hard copy list, hung where you can see it DAILY, will remind you to GO FOR IT.

so? what are you waiting for?


  1. I LOVE these! Great job! The gray one is my favorite. They will be awesome in the classroom!

  2. These look great! I love the striped piping! I'm going to post this tutorial on my blog soon, it looks like fun!

  3. Those are awesome! I want some!!

  4. Holy smokes! I love them! Especially the one with the rainbow piping.

    I'm not sure you can make something that I don't want to buy from you.


    That's it. I need to learn to sew. I want to make stuff like that.