Thursday, January 31, 2013


i usually have a large stack of books hanging around. eventually i get to looking through them, usually with a cup of tea in hand. this is my latest stack:

  • they are all really great books.
  • i love cookbooks with pictures and the only downside is the Make the Bread, Buy the Butter doesn't include pictures, however, it does have lovely personal stories within the pages of yummy recipes. 
  • i also love "previewing" books first from the library. it allows me to check out the book and see if it's worth buying. and really, i usually don't buy it but i'll put it on my birthday or christmas wishlists.
  • i love having lots of sewing and quilting books at my disposal. sometimes just skimming through the pages can boost my motivation to get off my butt and get sewing.
  • i love bullet lists.

whip up mini quilts, by kathreen ricketson

little stitches, by aneela hoey

little bits quilting bee, bye kathreen ricketson

the modern quilting bee block party, by alissa haight carlton & kristen lejnieks

beginner's guide to free-motion quilting, bye natalia bonner

the organized family menu planner, by glowbaby

not your mother's make-ahead and freeze cookbook, by jessica fisher

the homemade pantry, by alana chernila

make the bread, buy the butter, by jennifer reese

hope you are all enjoying your week so far!
**updated: i own all the books except the homemade pantry and make the bread, buy the butter. but they're now being put on my wishlists. 

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