Thursday, January 31, 2013


i usually have a large stack of books hanging around. eventually i get to looking through them, usually with a cup of tea in hand. this is my latest stack:

  • they are all really great books.
  • i love cookbooks with pictures and the only downside is the Make the Bread, Buy the Butter doesn't include pictures, however, it does have lovely personal stories within the pages of yummy recipes. 
  • i also love "previewing" books first from the library. it allows me to check out the book and see if it's worth buying. and really, i usually don't buy it but i'll put it on my birthday or christmas wishlists.
  • i love having lots of sewing and quilting books at my disposal. sometimes just skimming through the pages can boost my motivation to get off my butt and get sewing.
  • i love bullet lists.

whip up mini quilts, by kathreen ricketson

little stitches, by aneela hoey

little bits quilting bee, bye kathreen ricketson

the modern quilting bee block party, by alissa haight carlton & kristen lejnieks

beginner's guide to free-motion quilting, bye natalia bonner

the organized family menu planner, by glowbaby

not your mother's make-ahead and freeze cookbook, by jessica fisher

the homemade pantry, by alana chernila

make the bread, buy the butter, by jennifer reese

hope you are all enjoying your week so far!
**updated: i own all the books except the homemade pantry and make the bread, buy the butter. but they're now being put on my wishlists. 

Monday, January 28, 2013

pinterest challenge.

i joined wendy`s pinterest challenge! 

"Here's how a Pinterest Challenge works: you pick a pin you want to make, you make it and take pictures along the way then report your results, success or failure!"

this is my pin i need to finish in 2 weeks! it's a wall hanging quilt. i`m planning on making the one on the right, or something very similar to it.

go check out what the everyone else has on their pinterest challenge list, some really great pins happening over there! 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

floor pillows.

over the weekend, i took part in a very loosely planned + thrown together #sewalong.

twitter friends sarah + emma + i had all pinned a floor pillow on pinterest that looked like a fun, easy, weekend project. it's also great to get out of my comfort zone and do projects that actually have instructions. usually i'm more free spirited with my fabric, i have an idea and go with it. this project had actual measurements and i took it on as a challenge.

you can go to this link for the tutorial.

i had volunteered to make a few of these pillows for miles' library corner in his kindergarten classroom. i made a few alterations: instead of the 17" size i made mine 24" and instead of a lofty 9" high pillow, i cut mine down to 6."

this was fun. i hope to continue #sewalongs with sarah + emma. but really anyone can follow along on twitter. if there's a tutorial or pattern you're itching to try out, go for it! this type of thing is really great for learning new skills: i made my own piping! as well as motivation which we all know i had been sorely lacking in that department lately.

why not try something new? make a list and post it on your wall - no not on facebook - a wall in your house! pinterest is fine and dandy but i find i'm always forgetting things i've pinned. having a hard copy list, hung where you can see it DAILY, will remind you to GO FOR IT.

so? what are you waiting for?

Monday, January 14, 2013

january blah?

i've misplaced my motivation.
i have no idea where it has disappeared to. i need a kick in the pants. i can make lists galore of resolutions, things to do, but it doesn't make me actually check things off. hmm.

we're undergoing a mini reno to our main floor. our kitchen has been somewhat out of commission off and on over the last week due to drywall mud and dust. cupboards are emptied and their contents moved to various rooms in the house. all this chaos should return to normal. it'll be well worth it for sure. pictures to come. sweep, vacuum, mop. repeat. daily. the dust and dusting will continue for a while i know.

miles had his first few days of back to school last week and then blam. fever. a bout of strep, a round of antibiotics and he's feeling back to normal. for now. my brother is getting his tonsils out in february for just this cause. oof.

ozzie has been making great progress with little things that a child his age would probably think nothing of. i have lots of thoughts going on and need to write things out in respect to where he's at. it's a whole other post in itself. but in the meantime: there's ot, pt, speech, information sessions, forms, meetings + registration coming up. because ozzie's going to SCHOOL in september. and he is SO excited. me? i'm so nervous. lots of school preparation over the next 8 months or so.

today i've meal planned. which, honestly never REALLY works. i have a love/hate with meal planning. sometimes i don't feel like eating what i've written on  my list. sometimes i'd rather eat thursday's planned meal on wednesday. so i do. anyways, meal plans here are more like a guideline since all the said food items are around at my house.

monday: cheesy noodles, smoothies & leftover butternut squash soup with some multigrain bread. (hey, our kitchen is a mess which i'll need to clean clean clean + school pick up )

tuesday: homemade calzones. w/turkey pepperoni, lots of veggies + homemade marinara sauce for dipping. kale chips + aioli. 

wednesday: thai red curry with tofu and lots of veggies w/either rice noodles or rice

thursday: homemade sushi night. including california rolls, edamame and possibly some homemade tempura'd veggies. 

friday: ground turkey taco night, all the fixin's. soft or hard tacos. i usually end up making a pile of nachos instead.

saturday: breakfast for dinner! either scrambled eggs or omelette with lots of veggies or frittata or pancakes? add in some smoothie to balance it all out.

sunday: bbq'd burgers + sweet potato fries and aioli + a green salad.

all of the above are subject to change based on how i'm feeling. but at least i have it in writing. guidelines people. guidelines. do you find meal plans help you out?

ps: below are some pictures i found on my computer in a file labeled: mileskisses. holy cute.