Tuesday, November 26, 2013

made by hand christmas show

get started on your holiday shopping!

hey folks, this coming saturday i'll be at the made by hand christmas show! really looking forward to showcasing some new donut ornaments as well as lots of critters, monsters + modern lap quilts. hope to see you there!

when: Saturday November 30, 2013 (10:00am – 5:00pm)
where: Hamilton Convention Centre by Carmen’s
address: 1 Summers Lane, Hamilton, ON
$5.00 per adult (children free) *
buy online here or at the door
*a portion of admission sales benefit their charity partner- Crafting for a Cure

- Over 100 exhibitors (exhibitor list) original artwork, baby/toys, body, candles, clothing, ceramics, fashion accessories, jewellery, photography, knitting, pottery, paper goods, wood and a range of gourmet goodies
- 1000s gift ideas
- FREE PHOTO WITH SANTA provided by Trish Beesley Photography
- Free Swag bags for 1st 250 families
Underground paid parking available.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


time is flying. how is it already almost november!?
so here's a quick update.

fall made by handshow:
thank you so much to:
all who came by and chatted, took business cards, complimented me on my art and most of all to those of you took a little piece of my work home with you. thank you thank you thank you!
it was a great day and the boys and brendan came to help me pack up at the end. a nice way to end the day.


halloween's past:

yep. reminiscing. this year the boys are going out as spiderman (ozzie) and the grim reaper (miles). rain in the forecast but that hasn't stopped us before!


this was the first day of school picture that i may have posted on facebook. but not here. so here.

boys are really loving school and the routine is working well for them both. ozzie has made friends with a lot of kids already. miles is enjoying his classroom, friends and is finding grade 1 is a lot more work - with some playtime thrown in too. occasionally ozzie will get mopey and sad at dropoff, but usually i'll go help him with his shoes and he's happy to give me a hug and kiss so i'm on my way. there's a whole post in my head about how he's adapted to his classroom and classmates. i just need to write it out. suffice to say: it's going great!


cold weather makes me want to hibernate.


but the holiday cheer is just around the corner!


another upcoming show to tell you about. i will be a part of the christmas made by hand show, saturday, november 30th from 10am - 5pm, hamilton convention centre! really looking forward to this one folks. if you would like to purchase tickets in advance, go here: http://www.madebyhandshow.ca/tickets/.

hope to see you there!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

fall made by hand show - october 19th, 2013!

you guys! two weeks today i'll be one of the many awesome vendors at the fall made by hand show.
here are the details:

where:  International Centre, Hall 6 (6900 Airport Road, Mississauga, ON)
when: Saturday October 19 2013, 11:00am - 5:00pm
price: $5.00 per adult (children 16 years & under free)
tickets: http://www.madebyhandshow.ca/tickets/ or at the door
free parking!

i'll also be hosting a little giveaway at my booth, so please stop by to say hello and make sure to get your entry in! see you then!

Monday, September 30, 2013

lunchtime funnies.

every day i put a special note in miles and ozzie's lunch boxes. now that we're a month in to school (a MONTH already?) i find myself scrambling 10 mins before we leave to jot something down just so they have something. however, there are days when things are less scrambly and i have a few moments to draw.

usually the note has something to do with what's happened in class the day before, or a song they've learned, or what may be happening on the upcoming weekend. i started out this school year just writing a quick note to both miles and ozzie, usually something like, "have a great day, see you after school! xo love mom." i know miles would read them and i know ozzie's teacher would read them to him. she'd gush over the notes after school when i picked ozzie up.

well, miles was getting bored of the 2 liners and ozzie can't read. so one dot connected to the next and well, since all that money was spent at art school - i figured i'd draw for ozzie. to which miles wanted me to draw for him too.

last week they both had a request instead of me surprising them:  mom, please draw a cat tickling another cat. *shrug* so that's what i gave em. heh. they both thought it was hilarious. because it is. hahah. meeooooow!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

hear ye. hear ye.

updates. goals. announcements.
with both boys in school full time this september, i have some things i'd love to accomplish over the next while:

  • i haven't gone back into the workforce yet. i still want to be readily available for the kids if and when they need me. ozzie shouldn't have as many appointments in the next while as he has had in the past, now that he'll be in school full time. however, if he does need to go see his physiotherapist or occupational therapist for issues that are beyond school concerns - of course we'll make those happen. if one of the kids gets sick or needs to go to the doctor, dentist, therapist, hospital? i'll be here too. 

  • i'm giving myself this school year to make a go of sewing full time. stocking my etsy shop with lots of goodies and sticking to a rigid schedule of creating, posting, selling. this school year is a great opportunity to try this full time, to see if i enjoy it, to see if it's a good fit for me - or if it's more suited to just a hobby. so i'm going to really concentrate, organize and try hard to make it work. when will i get an opportunity like this again? nose to the grindstone, folks!

  • i'm excited to announce that i'm going to be a part of the Fall Made by Hand Show this year!

here's the details that you should maybe mark in your calendar (do it.)
Saturday October 19th, 11am - 5pm
International Centre, 6900 Airport Road, Mississauga Ont., L4V 1E8
tickets: $5.00/adult, kids are free.
over 190 exhibitors!

get more info on this event, right here: https://www.facebook.com/events/124039497768639/
bypass the lineup! you can purchase tickets in advance, online here. please use my name Erin Bresnahan or miles + ozzie as the referral name. http://www.madebyhandshow.ca/tickets/#
it's time to churn out some new things, made exclusively for this show!


  • i'm turning 35 on september 29th. yep. i haven't accomplished everything on the LIST and i'm okay with that. a lot has been done already and it's just good to have ANY ol' list to chip away at. and that's my plan. i hope the next year is as rewarding and awesome as the last year. here's to 35.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

2 + 2 = ozzie

today he is four.

i can remember the night he was born just like it was yesterday. the car seat hadn't been installed yet because his due date was september 2nd. we weren't prepared.

so, we threw it in the back of the car along with our hospital bag which i had to pack quickly that night because again, we weren't prepared.

brendan was an hour away, and an hour away from finishing work but he made it home and we grabbed our stuff, jumped in the car. of course we had to stop and get gas before heading to the hospital. because yep, we weren't prepared.

in his first 18 months ozzie managed to hit most milestones in a timely fashion, so there wasn't much for us, as parents, to worry about. we also chalked up some things to being a 2nd baby and just taking his sweet time to do things.  he ate lots + grew, he laughed a lot while he played with his brother. but when he wasn't walking by 2 years old, we definitely knew something was wrong and as much as we'd hoped for things just to miraculously be fine - well. they weren't. and...we weren't prepared.

we weren't prepared for his official diagnosis. and in the last two years of his life, we weren't prepared for the amount of time we'd be in and out of doctor's offices, therapist visits, hanging out in hospital waiting rooms, visiting and talking with different specialists. quite a lot for a kid to go through, in such a short time span, but we have been at his side throughout it all. and ozzie? takes it all in stride. it's our normal. it's our life. but in the end, it is his journey.

at this moment, as he turns 4, i am so pleased to report that i can see the light. i can see all the exciting opportunities that, as we first received ozzie's diagnosis of cerebral palsy, i couldn't help but feel were dimmed. and we've cheered him on from the sidelines. we have learned not to put limits on what he can do, because really, i believe he'll always prove us wrong and show us that he's able to do it. he'll just do it HIS way. he is quite the inspiration, folks. he hugs with all his heart and that heart? well, his heart is full of so much love.

in the last few months he's come so far.
  • he's in regular non adaptive swimming lessons.
  • he played blastball (tball) this summer.
  • he's learning to ride his balance bike.
  • he's growing fast and just recently got his new afo and his smo (new braces for his legs and feet). 
  • he is eagerly awaiting the start of junior kindergarten.
  • he loves anything to do with fire engines, construction vehicles and lego.
  • his imagination is a force to be reckoned with. i love hearing him tell stories - whether it's about his imaginary friend, mike or about what he does at work (oh yes folks, he works at a movie theatre watching movies don't ya know?).
  • he can get dressed (minus his braces/shoes) almost all by himself.
  • he has been going to a week long fine motor skills camp and has had so much fun there - playing games, doing crafts and making friends.
  • he is NOT a baby (he'll always be my baby), but he is a BIG KID.
four years ago, at women's college hospital in toronto, ontario, ozzie was born. he was put on my chest and i snuggled that baby boy and everything fell into place and he nursed easily and i kissed his head and i loved him. and then i thought, we ARE prepared. he is our son. ozzie donald. our love.

happy fourth birthday ozzie, we love you more than you know.
and now? we eat CAKE.

Be who you are and say what you feel,
because those who mind don’t matter,
and those who matter don’t mind.
-Dr. Seuss

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


ozzie had his tonsils and adenoids removed yesterday. he did well and charmed the nurses with his smile and everyone commented on his lovely soft curly locks. however, he was quite offended when one nurse called him a girl... and right after she did, he looked at me with this dumbfounded look on his face and said to me, "i'm NOT a girl!"

maybe it's time for a haircut.

following his brief time in the operating room, there were many tears in the post anesthesia care unit, which was from gas build up in his belly. but once he got that all out, he downed another popsicle and some sips of water and we were off to the next recovery area. he did well there: napped, drank more water, ate more popsicles and then the nurse cleared him and we were set to leave. of course he requested a wheelchair ride down to the lobby. who wouldn't?

he napped in the car en route home, we arrived mid afternoon or so. pain meds and antibiotics in him and he seemed like an ideal patient. very calm and sleepy. however, he had a rough night. took me back to newborn baby days. he slept in our bed. up every 4 hours. and we left a night light on so i could see what i was doing. he's been nauseous but relatively happy. he's watched some mighty machines this morning and talked to me about what the trucks were doing. but now he's rolled back over and has fallen asleep again. as long as i keep him comfortable and encourage him to eat popsicles, drink juice or eat jello..well, i'm hoping today is the worst and it's all downhill from here.

we've had many get better soon messages, as well as an outpouring of love and support. we all know he's a tough kid and hopefully he'll have a real quick recovery. thanks again to everyone, your messages really do mean a lot.


Thursday, July 11, 2013

summer. so far.

last day of school.
canada day parade.
cousin love.
waterdown ribfest.
carnival rides.
homemade popsicles.
splash pad visits.
library's summer reading program.
tball and blastball games.
first loose tooth.
first tooth lost.
bike ride's along hamilton's beachfront trail.
homemade ice cream.
toronto science centre.
cn tower.
rain rain rain.
subway rides.
casa loma.
royal ontario museum.
orthopedic surgeon praise.
soccer in the backyard.
puzzles. puzzles. puzzles.

lots more to come, to be continued.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

heirlooms artisan market 2013. recap.

so. i've taken the last few days to let my mind and fingers rest. it's been a long few months of prep. i'll admit, even tho i'm resting up, i feel lost - like i should be sewing! and i will be. soon. but for now, here's a recap of the weekend:

i had fun, learned a lot and sold some stuff.

this was my first outdoor market, and thanks to my lovely inlaws, i borrowed their 10' x 10' pop up tent. i was setting up shop alone so time to make fast friends with my neighbours who were also setting up. check out courtney and tim on their website, www.infusionorganictea.com as well as on facebook. they were great neighbours.

on the other side of me was mike, from www.exoticjelly.com and the day seemed to go by a little faster with someone to talk to. don't forget to check out the vast array of jellies on their facebook page.

erin was the show organizer who did a great job and the staff members of vermeer's garden centre were nothing but lovely.

my donuts sold like hotcakes ;) and i sold out of all my owls. it was a great learning experience and i had fun talking to everyone who stopped by my booth.

jody edwards was another vendor at the show a few booths down from me and she took an extensive number of photos. you can find them on her facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/JodyEdwardsArt, under heirlooms 2013 album. she does some really beautiful paintings so check out her etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/jodyvanb. in a funny coincidence she also went to sheridan college for illustration but was a few years behind me.

so in all. it was a great experience. i'm already planning my next adventure, so stay tuned!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


lunch box note tag. i'm it. 

swag items for the heirlooms show + sale!

lego catalogue day.

in the midst of donuts. 
64 plain donuts. waiting for stuffing + sprinkles.
donut holes.

Monday, May 6, 2013


i've made a few of these cube guys. they always come out with their own personalities. i love it. i'm also going to attempt a cube lady this week.

Monday, April 29, 2013

the same. but different.

he's 2,193 days old. my first born is six.

in six years he has:
captured our hearts.
made us laugh. daily.
taught us to think differently.
allowed us to love unconditionally and with open arms.

we've watched him grow and thrive and we look forward to helping him continue his journey.

i can still remember the day we brought him home from the hospital, putting his car seat on the floor of our living room, wondering what to do next. where was the manual? he has taught both brendan and i a lot. but this is what he taught me: sleep? overrated. coffee became my new love. or how showering was newly coveted "me" time. that bringing all the snacks and drinks and remotes one could possibly cover a coffee table with in no time flat was essential, because he planned to nurse and snuggle and pin me to that couch for the entire day. and well. those early days? i embraced them, as much as i could at that point. as hazy as i can remember them being. i look back on them with fondness now. but i know at the time, i was exhausted, frustrated, elated, tired, excited, and at the end of the day over the moon happy. those early days seemed so long, our routines repeated over and over and over.

today our routine is different. the same. but different.

the days go by much faster for some reason. remember sitting around staring at your little tiny baby? wondering about the kind of kid he would become? miles is that kid now. he's a real, big kid.

he's reading big kid books + comics and loves to read them to ozzie. he loves building anything with lego and making elaborate dioramas with his playmobil. he plays organized sports - hockey + t-ball and continues to progress in his swimming lessons. over the years he's gone from requesting cake decorating and cars 2 toy videos on youtube to episodes of scooby doo and ninjago. he can run wild with his imagination and i love it. he loves to draw + make pictures of his family. to turning everything into clues and a mystery a la the scooby doo gang.

i couldn't imagine a life without miles. i can hardly remember a life without him. six years is both such a long time and such a short time. and now i sit and and let my thoughts wander and wonder, as i did when he was a baby. the thoughts? they are the same. but different. who will he become? what will he accomplish? what will make him happy? ...

Friday, April 12, 2013

up close.

looking for a happy home.

come check them out at Heirlooms show in welland, june 14-15th. or feel free to contact me if you're interested in buying one sooner.


babywearing mama cat.


family portrait.

Monday, April 8, 2013


lots of work going into preparing for the Heirlooms show, coming up in June.

among the creations are a lot of animals!


i'm having some serious fun creating:

oh and don't forget to like my facebook page!