Thursday, December 27, 2012

hogwarts castle 2010

this lego set, hogwarts castle 4842, has been an ongoing want since earlier this year. i found it on kijiji for much less than in the store and the seller also threw in the freeing dobby set as well. my kids went apes bananas on christmas morning. that's the reaction we were hoping for. yay!

they understood that the set wouldn't be put together until christmas festivities were sort of over. well, yesterday on boxing day we had a free day, so brendan and i took turns putting the set together. 

5 and a half hours later it was finished.

this thing is going high up on a shelf. right now we have it on a little kids' table in our living room. miles has been playing with it a lot. ozzie, not so much. *shrug* 

here's what it looks like. it's super cool, lots of minifigs & really neat details from the books. 
check it out!

hope you all are enjoying some family time, eating lots of good food and putting your feet up. 


  1. I can't believe you put that thing TOGETHER. Holy hell.

  2. SUPER COOL! Love it! Look at all the characters they got with it! I have the Freeing Dobby set - I really wanted the castle but five hours?! man I don't know now!