Thursday, November 15, 2012


this month is brought to you by

three year olds are really really curious.

where does chocolate milk come from?
why do we have hair?
why do we have bones?
is this a game for kids?
can we go pick up miles at school?
is your finger better?
can we empty the toybox?
can i have some orange?
what's that smell?
how do you make cheese?
why are you looking at me?
what's inside the walls?
how is a house made?
how do you make paper?
why are there skeletons inside of dinosaurs?
is it lunchtime?
can i eat my lunch?
where does wood come from?
why does poo poos come out of my bum?
is it time to pick up miles?
why do we go to the hospital?
what the heck is that bug doing on the roof of that house?
can i ride my bike?
did i just break my bones?
can we put the christmas decorations up?
where is miles?
....................on. and on. and on.

what questions do you hear on a regular basis?

1 comment:

  1. The thoughts inside little kid brains just slay me.

    On repeat has been the question, "Can we have candy??????" - they are working through their trick-or-treat stash.