Friday, November 2, 2012


we're heading to mcmaster children's hospital on monday afternoon for our much anticipated appointment with a neurologist. in september of 2011 ozzie had an mri of his noggin to give us insight and a possible diagnosis of what was happening. the hospital fast tracked the disk of the results to me, free of charge. and since then, they've literally been sitting in a filing cabinet, waiting for someone with THE knowledge. yes the results are online for the doctors to check out and look over. but it isn't until now, 14 and a half months later {gasp} that we are actually seeing a neurologist face to face to discuss ozzie's brain. obviously, i'm sure if things were more serious, his file would have been flagged and we would have been seen right away. but regardless, here we are.

i'm not sure what to expect at this appointment. i have many questions. some which may or may not be answered. i'll post next week with an update. they happen to be your average how, when, where, why questions.

so. i suppose we've had the last 14 and a half months to let things sink in. since then, he has had his diagnosis of hemiplegic cerebral palsy. it's a definition of what he has, but he most certainly will NOT be defined by it. in the last 14 and a half months we've met with specialists: a pediatric orthopedic surgeon who has prescribed an afo as well as a gaitor brace. we met with a developmental pediatrician who isn't really our developmental pediatrician which i mentioned here. ozzie continues to shine in his occupational and physio therapies. he has also been assessed by a speech and language pathologist and she will continue to do so as he has a few issues with certain sounds.

BIG DEAL: ozzie has progressed in so many ways in the last year including, walking and running, he doesn't fall as much but still loses his balances occasionally, he's using two hands together, climbing stairs independently, opening his yogurt container himself, walking farther and farther distances without asking to be carried, taking a few independent pedals on his trike, carrying his plate to the counter, washing his hands properly. a lot of these things your average 2-3 year old probably already does. so he's basically on track, sometimes taking a bit more time. but that's okay.

we are now setting goals in ot/pt and i'm excited we're at this stage. once the goal has been determined, we work with ozzie for a few months, then reassess and see how he's doing. the list at this stage includes dressing himself independently - pants, shirt, coat {think school preparation}, riding his trike and pedaling without me pushing him to name a few.

i'm looking forward to learning more about ozzie's brain and getting some of our questions answered. tune in next week for the update.


  1. Dude's amazing. I can't wait to see what he accomplishes as he grows.

  2. I can totally identify with the "want to see the specialist for my kid" vs the "do not want"
    I think these doctors are incredible & that I almost always feel better when I see Nik's nephrologist...but I hate that we HAVE to. Ya know?
    Ozzie is kind of incredible, no? Diagnosis be damned, that kid is a regular ambitious little guy. High fives times a million to all of you.

  3. yay! 2 days in a row. We have our major test on monday morning lasting most of the day. Trying to see why he's so little. Neurologists are hard ones to get a hold of, my boss' son aged out of the kids hospital but they are still seeing the neurologist there since they haven't seen a new one yet.
    Hope you get all your questions answered. Go Ozzie Go!

  4. Oh, my heart. That picture.