Wednesday, November 14, 2012


freecycle is by no means anything new. but some folks are not familiar with it. basically it works like this: are you looking for something very specific? post an ad. do you have something in your garage/basement/closet that needs a new home? post an ad. it's that simple. what's even better is you can put what you have to offer out on your porch with the new owners name on it for them to pick up. you don't have to wait around. you don't have to answer your door. same goes for when you want something. just ask for porch pickup and it's yours.

and it's all free.


here's a list of just a few items i have received, in no particular order:
-ALL the harry potter hardcover novels, in almost new condition
-harry potter scarf in new condition
-play kitchen and a garbage bag of play food
-9"x11" baking pan
-polyfil stuffing
-a working 32" tv with remote and manual
-a magellan gps with all accessories and it WORKS to boot!

i have also given away countless items from my house. not only does it feel great to purge, it also feels great to help out someone who is looking for specific items. including, baby clothes and toys, never used toiletries that seem to find a place in our medicine cabinet, craft items, books, drapery, items the last owner of this house thought we'd want but um, no we didn't. anything and everything can be posted on freecycle.

go to then find your city. and from there, you'll need to apply to get in. i know i know. when i emailed to be accepted, we had just moved and had a lot of unwanted stuff. sometimes you have to post an OFFER ad before you can post a WANTED ad. also: you'll get A LOT of emails, if you choose to.  i think you can get a daily digest of them, i can't really remember. however, i just make sure all the freecycle emails go into one folder and there you have it.

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  1. Dude, I have never used Freecycle but NOW I WANT TO!