Thursday, November 22, 2012

custom order.

when someone asks me to do a custom order for them, whatever the item may be? initially, i have two thoughts.

the first:
"FUN project! oh man, this is so exciting, they are putting all their trust in me to make them something cool, this is gonna be AWESOME."


the second,
"FUN project! oh man, this is so exciting, they are putting all their trust in me to make them something so cool, this is gonna be AWESOME....oh my lord, i really truly hope they love this."

i think i often worry because the customer, whether it's a friend in real life or a friend i've never met, or a complete stranger? they're still expecting awesome results.

in my "before kids" work life, i had people leaning over my shoulder demanding teeny tiny changes here, there, everywhere. and while i happily did the changes, i expected people to ask me to do many more changes over the project's lifetime.

with my sewing? people have honest to goodness trust in what i'm creating. trust that they'll love it. trust that they're paying their hard earned dollars for something that will hopefully become a treasure or an heirloom. something that's a real keeper.

while custom orders are more time consuming than things that just pop out of my head, they're still handmade. as i'm working away on a custom order, i will often think of the person i'm specifically making the item for. i often wonder where it will be used or kept. and i think that maybe these ones, the custom ones ... they are handmade with a little bit more love, which i think in turn gives the blanket, creature, kitty, bear or whatever the item may be, a little bit more life.


  1. Those are so adorable, love the clothing. We have a saying in french for people who are great at sewing, "elle a des doigts de fée" it translates to she has fairy fingers, doesn't sound as great.

  2. I love you and them so very much. They are AMAZING.

  3. These are AMAZING. Are you taking custom orders? I would LOVE to commission a dinosaur with this level of sass.

    1. oh wow, susie, i'd love to! feel free to email me: thecorbettkid @ gmail dot com. i'm more than happy to help out :)