Monday, November 26, 2012


a very exciting day around these parts. i finally put an item up for sale in my etsy shop.
and voila! sold. 

a big thank you to korinna, who emailed me for a custom order. listing/selling on etsy was the easiest way to get her exactly what she ordered. she also gave me the much needed kick in the pants to start my online selling venture. it's really not that hard, it just takes a bit of thought and time. so again, a million thank yous korinna. i hope your darlings love my creations.

if you have any interest in a custom order or just to say hi, please don't hesitate to contact me, shoot me an email: thecorbettkid at gmail dot com

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thursday, November 22, 2012

custom order.

when someone asks me to do a custom order for them, whatever the item may be? initially, i have two thoughts.

the first:
"FUN project! oh man, this is so exciting, they are putting all their trust in me to make them something cool, this is gonna be AWESOME."


the second,
"FUN project! oh man, this is so exciting, they are putting all their trust in me to make them something so cool, this is gonna be AWESOME....oh my lord, i really truly hope they love this."

i think i often worry because the customer, whether it's a friend in real life or a friend i've never met, or a complete stranger? they're still expecting awesome results.

in my "before kids" work life, i had people leaning over my shoulder demanding teeny tiny changes here, there, everywhere. and while i happily did the changes, i expected people to ask me to do many more changes over the project's lifetime.

with my sewing? people have honest to goodness trust in what i'm creating. trust that they'll love it. trust that they're paying their hard earned dollars for something that will hopefully become a treasure or an heirloom. something that's a real keeper.

while custom orders are more time consuming than things that just pop out of my head, they're still handmade. as i'm working away on a custom order, i will often think of the person i'm specifically making the item for. i often wonder where it will be used or kept. and i think that maybe these ones, the custom ones ... they are handmade with a little bit more love, which i think in turn gives the blanket, creature, kitty, bear or whatever the item may be, a little bit more life.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Monday, November 19, 2012

Saturday, November 17, 2012

saturday to do list

  • finish pickle.
  • finish bear.
  • finish kitty.
  • empty the dishwasher.
  • wash/dry laundry.
  • meal plan for the next two - three weeks.
  • list of gift ideas for christmas.
  • sewing room clean up and organization.
  • linen closet purge/freecycle what i don't want/use.
  • hall closet purge/freecycle, make room for new shelving or basket for hats/mittens.
  • bedroom closet clean out x 3.
  • fold laundry + put it ALL away.
  • sort lego - i'm planning on storing a tub of it, since new lego shall be coming for christmas.
  • bake cookies for monday/tuesday lunches.
  • clean laundry room.
  • vacuum the bedrooms.
  • clean the bathrooms.
  • make some soft pretzels.

i will likely add things i've already finished and then cross off, just because.
what are you guys up to today?

Thursday, November 15, 2012


this month is brought to you by

three year olds are really really curious.

where does chocolate milk come from?
why do we have hair?
why do we have bones?
is this a game for kids?
can we go pick up miles at school?
is your finger better?
can we empty the toybox?
can i have some orange?
what's that smell?
how do you make cheese?
why are you looking at me?
what's inside the walls?
how is a house made?
how do you make paper?
why are there skeletons inside of dinosaurs?
is it lunchtime?
can i eat my lunch?
where does wood come from?
why does poo poos come out of my bum?
is it time to pick up miles?
why do we go to the hospital?
what the heck is that bug doing on the roof of that house?
can i ride my bike?
did i just break my bones?
can we put the christmas decorations up?
where is miles?
....................on. and on. and on.

what questions do you hear on a regular basis?

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


freecycle is by no means anything new. but some folks are not familiar with it. basically it works like this: are you looking for something very specific? post an ad. do you have something in your garage/basement/closet that needs a new home? post an ad. it's that simple. what's even better is you can put what you have to offer out on your porch with the new owners name on it for them to pick up. you don't have to wait around. you don't have to answer your door. same goes for when you want something. just ask for porch pickup and it's yours.

and it's all free.


here's a list of just a few items i have received, in no particular order:
-ALL the harry potter hardcover novels, in almost new condition
-harry potter scarf in new condition
-play kitchen and a garbage bag of play food
-9"x11" baking pan
-polyfil stuffing
-a working 32" tv with remote and manual
-a magellan gps with all accessories and it WORKS to boot!

i have also given away countless items from my house. not only does it feel great to purge, it also feels great to help out someone who is looking for specific items. including, baby clothes and toys, never used toiletries that seem to find a place in our medicine cabinet, craft items, books, drapery, items the last owner of this house thought we'd want but um, no we didn't. anything and everything can be posted on freecycle.

go to then find your city. and from there, you'll need to apply to get in. i know i know. when i emailed to be accepted, we had just moved and had a lot of unwanted stuff. sometimes you have to post an OFFER ad before you can post a WANTED ad. also: you'll get A LOT of emails, if you choose to.  i think you can get a daily digest of them, i can't really remember. however, i just make sure all the freecycle emails go into one folder and there you have it.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

new orleans, louisiana

a collection of pictures from our week stay in new orleans, from earlier this year. 

our cozy condo.

muffuletta from central grocery. beignets from cafe du monde. 

riverboat fantasy. new orleans school of cooking. street car. shrimp and oyster poboy. drinks on the street. oyster house. 

beautiful, wrought iron balconies. courtyard. gas lamps. 

wedding night. lovely dinner. kermit ruffins. 

lunch the day after. turtle soup. 25 cent martinis. bread pudding souffle with whiskey sauce.

mardi gras: krewe de vieux.

wonderful brunch at muriel's in jackson square.

love. la fiets. cemetary. sign. port of call. magazine street.

mississippi. live music. us. so much meat.

Friday, November 9, 2012

president's choice.

the holidays are almost here and i'm looking forward to picking up some of these goodies:

pc triple cream mini brie
photo credit: president's choice

pc candy cane flavoured ground coffee

photo credit: president's choice

pc candy cane chocolate fudge crackle ice cream

photo credit: president's choice

what kind of holiday treats do you love?

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

pedestrian rage.

dear lady who had a red light but stopped in the middle of the pedestrian crossing, 

please look while you are driving. if you can see that you won't make it through the intersection, why bother trying? please look to see if there will be pedestrians crossing. there just might be. me and my boys are one less car on the road. please remember that.

oh and also, please don't give me bitch face, because i can and WILL give it back 10 times worse.


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

a little noggin insight.

i'm feeling so much lighter folks. wow.

we met with a neurologist yesterday. it was a very enlightening appointment. many questions were answered, some still go unanswered and really, i think everyone should add a doctor like that to their circle of friends, you know to pick their brains, so to speak.

we arrived at mcmaster children's hospital for our appointment time of 3:00 pm. we were welcomed by a really easy going, lovely resident doctor. ozzie was shy at first, but quickly charmed her with his smile, his food likes and dislikes and his knowledge of firetrucks. the questions from here were straightforward - the history of ozzie that brought us there in the first place, my pregnancy medical history, ozzie's birth history, his general medical history etc. she also had ozzie up on the big bed to physically check him out. she had funny finger puppets to make things fun. ozzie was very patient and did everything she asked.

then we waited.
for an hour.

then the door opened! it was the resident and the neurologist! whee!
he was a super nice dude. he asked me what brought us here and if i had any questions in particular. and so i was prepared with my list of questions:
  • what happened
  • when did it happen?
  • where did it happen?
  • what's it called?
  • seizures: will there be a chance he has them? 
  • mri or eeg or future testing?
  • temper/patience issues related to his brain?
  • can we project any academic or learning problems due to this?

he congratulated me on being well prepared, with lots of great questions. and while the resident entertained ozzie with some colouring pages, the neurologist talked about ozzie's brain.

basically what happened was this:
at some point while ozzie was in utero, between 24-34 weeks gestation, an event occurred within the placenta. somehow in his own body, there was a blip of sorts. his own blood supply wasn't oxygenated for optimal brain development. as his mother, i had nothing to do with it whatsoever. it is not genetic. it's just one of those things that happens.

see that black space  in the top middle? it should be the same size as the one to the left of it .

next up, which came out of left field entirely? A NEW DIAGNOSIS.
asymmetrical spastic diplegia
meaning, to some degree ALL his limbs are affected, his legs more than his arms. it's so mild on his left side that we didn't know or notice. so when the dr. asked me, "when did you notice issues with his left leg?" i in turn responded, that's his GOOD side, so.. um, never? ozzie thinks it's neat when his legs do the, "funny thing" or tremors, known as clonus. so we discussed this. and well, nothing changes. if people ask what he has? in short...Cerebral Palsy.

moving on to seizures, if/when they happen. there's still a possibility. now that ozzie's diagnosis has changed to diplegia, the odds are stacked in his favour and the chance of him having a seizure goes down to a 15-25%. and at this point, because the seizures haven't revealed themselves, they may not ever. we're moving forward with this in mind so our minds can rest a little bit easier.

we have no more further testing in regards to mri's or eeg's. yay!

llama llama mad at mama - ozzie has a temper at times and patience issues. what 3 year old doesn't? so we did bring this up. does it relate to what has happened in his brain? basically the answer, is no. usually frustrations in kids relate to communication - he's talking and sentencing. or it relates to the child getting mad at their own limbs for not doing what their brain is telling them to do. which isn't a problem either. so in conclusion, he's a normal temper tantrum-ing, impatient 3 year old.

in regards to ozzie's academic potential, well, that is a wait and see game. we really won't know until he's in the classroom as he gets older. there were a couple key points the doctor revealed that are very important to me and i think will stick with me for a long while:

on one hand - we could use his cp to his advantage to get extra help in the classroom
however on the other hand - his cp could be used against him and expectations of him are lowered (do not like)

ozzie is a really bright, smart kid and just like our other child, we will also have high expectations of him regardless of his disability. like i've said before, it's a definition of what he has, but he most certainly will NOT be defined by it. we want him to achieve his highest potential and will push him to do this. that's our job as parents isn't it?

so, almost 3 hours later our appointment was complete. i feel lighter. less guilty. his new diagnosis is still rattling my brain a little, but again it's non progressive. we're moving forward with our therapies as usual, will aim for highest possible achievement in whatever ozzie is involved in and above all else, we will love that little boy with all the love our hearts have to give. because in the end, that's what parents do.

Friday, November 2, 2012


we're heading to mcmaster children's hospital on monday afternoon for our much anticipated appointment with a neurologist. in september of 2011 ozzie had an mri of his noggin to give us insight and a possible diagnosis of what was happening. the hospital fast tracked the disk of the results to me, free of charge. and since then, they've literally been sitting in a filing cabinet, waiting for someone with THE knowledge. yes the results are online for the doctors to check out and look over. but it isn't until now, 14 and a half months later {gasp} that we are actually seeing a neurologist face to face to discuss ozzie's brain. obviously, i'm sure if things were more serious, his file would have been flagged and we would have been seen right away. but regardless, here we are.

i'm not sure what to expect at this appointment. i have many questions. some which may or may not be answered. i'll post next week with an update. they happen to be your average how, when, where, why questions.

so. i suppose we've had the last 14 and a half months to let things sink in. since then, he has had his diagnosis of hemiplegic cerebral palsy. it's a definition of what he has, but he most certainly will NOT be defined by it. in the last 14 and a half months we've met with specialists: a pediatric orthopedic surgeon who has prescribed an afo as well as a gaitor brace. we met with a developmental pediatrician who isn't really our developmental pediatrician which i mentioned here. ozzie continues to shine in his occupational and physio therapies. he has also been assessed by a speech and language pathologist and she will continue to do so as he has a few issues with certain sounds.

BIG DEAL: ozzie has progressed in so many ways in the last year including, walking and running, he doesn't fall as much but still loses his balances occasionally, he's using two hands together, climbing stairs independently, opening his yogurt container himself, walking farther and farther distances without asking to be carried, taking a few independent pedals on his trike, carrying his plate to the counter, washing his hands properly. a lot of these things your average 2-3 year old probably already does. so he's basically on track, sometimes taking a bit more time. but that's okay.

we are now setting goals in ot/pt and i'm excited we're at this stage. once the goal has been determined, we work with ozzie for a few months, then reassess and see how he's doing. the list at this stage includes dressing himself independently - pants, shirt, coat {think school preparation}, riding his trike and pedaling without me pushing him to name a few.

i'm looking forward to learning more about ozzie's brain and getting some of our questions answered. tune in next week for the update.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

happy halloween!

these two had so much fun.
rain didn't hamper their happiness.
we saw some really great costumes and miles said hi to hermione at our neighbour's house.
ozzie walked 3/4 of the way! he did well opening his treat bag using both hands, with a little prompting.

one hour later, two tired boys and so much candy.

p.s. extra special thanks to norah for helping me with the boys. xo