Tuesday, October 23, 2012

the mess.

we have a children's library up in here. well, there's a big shelf in our living room and the boys have a number of bookshelves in their room. i love it. i love reading to the kids. i love watching miles read to his younger brother. i love that they have developed a love of books early on and hope they continue to foster this love.

the kids are also at a point where i don't feel like i have to constantly hover and entertain them. some days i just want to sew. so the boys will play lego in their room or play with their dinky cars in the living room. it keeps them busy and allows me to to hang in my sewing room. often times, they'll end up in there with me, playing quietly on the floor - stickers, lego, cars, etc.

but. almost almost always, at some point during the afternoon, it will get really really really quiet. and i'll think to myself. hmmm. that's pretty quiet, i'd better go check on them. and sure enough. they're knee high deep in books.

this happens at least 3-4 times a week and i simultaneously love it and loathe it. however, ozzie's usually a pretty good helper and will help me pile the books back onto the shelf. and thank goodness he's so cute.

do you have a favourite book for your kids or do they have a particular favourite?

Monday, October 22, 2012

new baby. love.

over the weekend i attended a lovely baby shower for our good friends, dani + mark who are expecting their first little bundle in early november. i knew back in july that i'd be making their baby a quilt. only knowing that the baby's room was grey with yellow accents, i used this as my inspiration. this was the result and it was well received by the mom to be.

this guy also was a part of the gift. i call him, "giant chicken little," but of course the baby is really the only one with naming rights.

i'm looking forward to scooping up that new little baby and giving he or she some sweet sweet snuggles.

Thursday, October 18, 2012


when miles was 6 months old i purchased, much to brendan's dismay, a skunk costume for his first halloween. obviously i wasn't planning on taking him out to trick or treat. it was more a great photo opportunity than anything. super cute wasn't he?

however. his 2nd halloween, he was 18 months old and we still hadn't planned on taking him out trick or treating but dang. he needed a really good costume and i had big plans. i made the hat + beard = this is what happened:

by his 3rd halloween we had moved out of the city and he was 2.5 years old. guess what his favourite food was? he requested to be a california roll and that his new, 2 month old brother, ozzie to be a piece of egg tamago. um. sure kid. if this is what you desire, this is what i shall make for you. i made both costumes just in time for the big day and this was his FIRST. REAL. TRICK or TREATING EXPERIENCE! mmm. candy.

in 2010 ozzie was now 14 months old, while miles was 3 and the request for a handmade costume was still in full effect and all about food. pancake and syrup! mmm. awww. 

2011: miles was 4, in junior kindergarten. and many kids in his class had decided on dressing up as different superheros or princesses. so he decided he wanted to be darsavadar otherwise known as Darth Vadar! i obliged, with a trip to value village finding the cheapest, used costume we could find. a bargain at only $5 and these two kids play dress up every so often, so it was money well spent. he was also going through a spongebob squarepants phase and i did find one for a few bucks which he wore to his school halloween parade. unfortunately, no photo. ozzie, 2, however was still under my homemade halloween costume spell! hahahaha. after changing his mind many many many times, he finally gave in and decided agreed to be mr. potato head. i made this costume out of felt and fabric i already had in my stash. and he loved going door to door saying TRICK...TREAT. as it was his first year doing the real deal. mmmm. candy.

this year we have plans to be a firefighter (ozzie) and harry potter (miles). they won't be fully homemade costumes, but i will have to do some robe adjustments for mr. potter. these kids are already counting down the days. i'm looking forward to it as well!

so tell me in the comments below, what are you guys dressing up as? 

bonus halloween treat:

Friday, October 12, 2012

for sale.

i'm planning on listing these blankets in my etsy shop. soon. ideally by the end of this weekend. i'm planning on donating a percentage of my blanket sales to the ontario federation for cerebral palsy (ofcp).

check them out & if you see something you like, let me know.