Saturday, September 29, 2012

me me me

it's my birthday today. yesterday i was reflecting on the list i made up one year ago. not much has been accomplished. i guess i should get on that.

so. anyways. in honour of my 34th, here's a list of things you may or may not know about me:

  1. lego is my nemesis. but my kids love it. so...
  2. i dream of a home with less STUFF.
  3. i hoard fabric. and then get overwhelmed when i see it all. but i've slowly been de-stashing it.
  4. coffee is my go to drink. 
  5. i've worked on a farm picking fruits and veggies. and i found it very rewarding. unlike other jobs i've had.
  6. i really don't like birds. but i have a quiet fondness for my in-laws' chickens. so maybe i don't like birds that fly?
  7. my cat junee lives with my brother. i miss her and her snuggles.
  8. my youngest has hemiplegia/cp and there isn't a day that goes by that i don't feel some sort of guilt over it.
  9. i freecycle something almost every week.
  10. i love making bread.
  11. my parents have lived in the same house since we were kids. however, it's taken on so many changes and renovations since then.
  12. i get irrationally annoyed by certain things. like chewing. or toothpaste in the sink.
  13. i used to knit. a lot. but now i have arthritis in my hands and it hurts just to look at my needles. i miss it. and have a few unfinished projects. and lots of yarn. 
  14. i love love love vanilla bean noel body spray from bath and body works.
  15. i have a dream of opening a studio/workspace and shop one day.
  16. i'm so happy we moved out of toronto. i don't miss trying to find a parking spot but i do miss my kitchen.
  17. after 8.5 years together, i still don't really understand exactly what it is that my husband does for a living. 
  18. i tire easily.
  19. tempura (anything) is one of my favourites. however, key to all you can eat sushi is, don't eat a lot of tempura! 
  20. i successfully grew a crop of garlic so we have fresh ontario garlic! well...for a month at least. ha.
  21. i can name off all my elementary school teachers and almost all of my classmates. don't ask me about high school though. 
  22. i have the best siblings ever. 2 older sisters and 1 younger brother.
  23. if you really want to surprise me, bring me a twix bar, a frosty and some plain lays potato chips. you're bound to get a bear hug. 
  24. my favourite tv show is america's funniest videos. but i miss bob saget.
  25. i have a soft spot in my belly for pillsbury crescent rolls.
  26. i ran a marathon in dublin, ireland in 2004. i went on this trip knowing no one and met so many great people. 
  27. egon schiele is one of my favourite artists.
  28. i went to college for technical and medical illustration. 
  29. i'm surrounded by so many great people in my life. so so so many, including...  you.
  30. i love getting mail. picking up packages at the post office excites me. 
  31. i LOVE christmas and decorate the weekend after my oldest sister's birthday (nov. 17th). someone else in this household is not a fan.
  32. i mentally shake my head. a lot.
  33. i will only do laundry on fridays after 7pm or on the weekends. (off peak hours).
  34. my husband works so hard for me to be able to stay home with  my boys and for that i'll be forever grateful. xoxo i love you brendan. and i love you miles + ozzie xoxo
happy birthday to me! 

who doesn't love a good celebration?!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

developmental delay workshop!

i was on twitter the other day and saw this:

having gone through the stress and anxiety of ozzie's developmental delay - at almost 2 and not walking - i feel it's pretty important that if you notice your child not reaching certain milestones, to get it checked out.  if you're interested and live in Toronto or surrounding areas, here's an opportunity for you to go ahead and do that by attending a Developmental Delay Workshop, hosted by Health in Motion Rehabilitation

you can find more information about Health in Motion Rehabilitation by visiting their website:
calling 416-250-1904
emailing any inquiries to

Thursday, September 6, 2012

senior kindergarten.

feels like i just posted a picture of miles on his last day of junior kindergarten.well. maybe it seems that way. summer was busy and fun but today marked the first day of school for miles. he was so excited. it took him a lot of time to fall asleep last night. i didn't have to wake him up this morning. he woke up before 7am and squealed with delight, knowing he was only a few short hours from seeing some of his buddies and his teacher from last year. no seriously, he squealed.

time flies and i know he's having fun.