Thursday, August 9, 2012

the spot on queen, part deux.

such a late recap post about my weekend in toronto at the spot on queen, but here it is!

first of all, i can't tell you how lovely and easy going brett & mel were. they're the folks behind the show. if you can, go check out and like the spot on queen over on facebook. they were so kind and very helpful. the description from their fb page is as follows,

"The Spot On Queen” is a weekend market that takes place throughout the months of June, July and August at 627 Queen Street West from Fri-Sun.

Local fashion and accessory designers, artisans, artists, photographers, bakers, re-worked vintage items amongst other fabulous categories will be present! Vendors rotate on a weekly basis so be sure to check in every weekend for the best local design finds!

Whether you're looking for locally designed clothing and jewellery or for things to decorate your place, we've got it all under one roof. And you'll get "local support" karma as a bonus.

We're open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11am -6pm

Check it out!"

i was so happy to be a part of this market. this was my first show and sale & i had fun picking the brains of the other vendors too. they had so much invaluable advice and if i had a question they were there to answer them. it was so neat to be a part of a creative collective and know that all those other vendors were just as passionate about creating as i am.

i'll be doing a second weekend at the spot on queen! 627 queen street west, on friday august 24th - sunday august 26th. hours are from 11am-6pm each day of the show. a great big THANK YOU to all who came out on my first weekend as well as a big thank you to those who spread the word via social media. your support was and continues to be a big deal. so keep it up!

and here's the photo recap:

miles helping with my set up.

big fluffy cozy quilts.

lightweight blankets.

my guys!


a monster with teeth.

felt donuts!

mustache man.

so again!
if you missed me the first time around, come check me out at the spot on queen, friday august 24 - sunday august 26, 11am - 6pm, 627 queen street west in toronto!
i'm now on facebook:
i'm now on twitter: @milesandozzie

photo credit: the spot on queen


  1. You're so cute and your stuff is adorable! Why oh why do we have to live so far away from each other?!?! I wish we could craft together and do craft shows together!!!!