Wednesday, May 9, 2012

videos! walking + running.

early summer 2011. no afo. early stages of walking, lots of falling. age 22 months.

end of august 2011. no afo. ozzie's totally motoring, still falling. age: 24 months.

march 2012. ozzie's had his afo since december 2011. he's running + he's fast, but occasionally he still falls. age: 31 months (2.5yrs).


  1. That is a crazy amount of progress. Go Ozzie Go!

  2. The improvement! He's so cute, by the way - I love his grins and giggles in the second video! :)

  3. Hot diggity dog! Go boy go!! Amazing!!! :D

  4. Oh my GOODNESS! The evolution of how he's using his body is NUTS! You can see the difference! I have the chills.

    Also, his little smile and giggle in that second video as he's trucking right along brought a tidgy of tears to my eyes. He is just so sweet, Erin.

  5. This makes me smile. Because I get it. SO much. I love seeing his progress!