Tuesday, April 3, 2012

home based cimt - week two summary

honestly writing another weekly summary of what's going on with ozzie's cimt would look exactly like last week's summary. in short: he's doing awesome. he's actually using his right hand without much prompting when his mitt is not on; pointing or picking up toys and cars with it. he's not using his mitted hand as a weapon (as much) as he was in the first few days. we've been practicing proper, upright stair walking with him holding on to the railing with his right (affected) hand. serious connections are being made and i want to yell and scream joyously that this therapy is working! yesterday he walked with me to pick up miles at school and he walked holding miles' hand (aww) all the way home without me having to carry him. numerous times he told me, "no soller (stroller), no agon (wagon), me walk on idewalk (sidewalk), me BIG boy!" big boy. BIG deal.

so? woo hoo! today was going to be his last day. tonight i was going to bake a cake in honour of him completing the two weeks of therapy.


his pincer grasp on his right hand isn't quite where we want it to be. he does this weird non bending knuckle thingy with his right index finger...if you really want to get technical. it looks odd to us. and even though he's getting the job done and it doesn't hurt him, there's some fine tuning we will work on with this as well as some more strengthening in his hand/arm.

at this point ozzie has been so laidback with whatever we throw at him that adding one more week will really not be a big deal. and this time next week? of course we'll make it a big deal. celebratory cake party. umbrella toothpicks. gummy worms. high tens. because we're all so very very proud of him.


  1. super proud of the little man. and of mom too.

  2. amazing. seriously. this next week will FLY.

  3. Dude, your kid is a champ, literally and figuritively. (Mitt weapon made me snort :/)

    Cake party time is upon you.

  4. Oh, man. You all are ROCKING THIS.

    Cake ahoy!!