Monday, April 16, 2012

home based cimt - week three AND four summary

holy smokes. it's already been four weeks. four. that's one week longer than our initial goal. PLUS we're adding in another week for good measure. why not? ozzie is showing so much improvement already! in this last 2 weeks we've been doing some fine tuning of his pincer grasp. his awkward approach to eating has eased and ozzie can even successfully use a spoon for eating granola or yogurt. yes it's a little messy, but he's doing it.

we've added a strip of kinesio tape to the palm side of ozzie's affected index finger throughout the day. with his pincer grasp looking a little odd, we'd hoped that with the addition of the tape it would help things out. the kinesio tape is very elastic and has give and is very non restrictive, unlike something like a bandaid. it gives support and stability to his knuckle joint without affecting circulation, range of motion and at the same time if he needs to, ozzie can still override the tape. the only downside to this is that because of the sticky glue, we don't like him wearing it while he's eating. also, the strip never lasts on his hand for more than an hour at a time. sweaty sticky little hands happen often and once he sees the strip sort of coming off? he tears it off. an example of an activity getting him to use his pincer grasp would be picking up coins and putting them into a piggy bank or container. picking up jacks, picking up goldfish crackers, playing a game of memory and having him pick up a card and turn it over. read also: repetition. repetition. repetition.

sidenote: can we not all agree how much we take the pincer grasp for granted? for real. 
also: another motion we may take for granted? supination: arms out in front of you and turning your palm up. this is a forearm motion, not a wrist motion and on ozzie's affected side, he has some issue with supination which we're also currently working on.

soooo because of the addition of two extra therapeutic weeks, cake party was/is postponed until ozzie's constraint therapy is over. which also sort of coincides with miles' fifth birthday.

can i handle 2 cakes in one week? i think so.

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  1. Oh, MAN! The pincer grasp! It took Iris forever to get it and it was something I never even considered developing normally for Ezra.

    And, ahhhhh, kinesio tape. Iris' OT and PT would tape up her mid-section (for when she was learning how to sit) and then her thighs and buns (for when she was learning how to crawl and pull to stand.

    As for Ozzie: what an incredible little boy. To tolerate and persevere through this is just freaking amazing.