Monday, March 26, 2012

home based cimt - first week summary

so i was going to post day by day summaries. well it's now day 7 and obviously the day by day didn't happen. however i will say that each day has been a lot like the last day but also a little different. there is a pattern happening here.

basically what this week has come down to is (somewhat) structured and organized play focusing on (mostly) one handed activities. early in the week i made a list of activities to do for each day. we may stick to the list or we may not. over the last week it's been very routine for ozzie to get up and put the mitt on. there has been no argument or frustration in this respect. he would happily put his arm out for me to put the mitt on his left hand.

so every day we:
wake up, put the mitt on.
get dressed.
make breakfast/eat breakfast.
play play play! which includes:

  • wooden blocks
  • wooden puzzles
  • playdoh
  • drawing/colouring/stamps on big sheets of paper
  • using magnets to stamp on the magnadoodle
  • drawing on the chalkboard
  • singing with big arm movements
  • hand massage
  • high tens
  • sitting quietly someone's lap to read a book and he'd help turn the pages
  • hiding objects in rice or beans and having him dig through to find them
  • playing and digging in our sandbox
  • blowing bubbles
  • picking up sticks or pine cones around the yard
  • wrestling with his brother (with gentle reminders not to use his mitt as a weapon!)
  • playing with little cars, driving them around on the floor
  • playing with trains, setting up tracks

i mean look at this list. really look at it. it's not really all that different from what we do on a normal day to day basis. and this list? probably not much different than what you do with your kids too. the only difference is that with this play-based therapy someone is sitting with him 100% of the time, helping or guiding him with activities. that and ozzie's also using his non dominant hand on purpose, to get those new pathways forming in his brain. and honestly, i think it's working. (!!!!)

this week hasn't been an easy walk in the park. there have been meltdowns. there have been numerous times where tears have happened and patience has been limited. it's mostly been in regards to him eating. i can see how awkward it is for ozzie to eat with his non dominant hand. but he's doing it. and this is what most impresses me about my 2.5 year old. he's doing it!

tomorrow our ot and pt come for a home visit to see ozzie's progress.
one more week of constraint therapy.
we've totally got this.


  1. Holy cow! One more week!

    This all kind of makes me teary. Progress like this is awe inspiring.

  2. I am so happy that this is happening! Kids are amazing little creatures... So are Moms. <3