Wednesday, March 21, 2012

home based cimt - day two

i woke up earlier than the kids this morning, made the coffee, put the kettle on for brendan's tea. sat down to check what's going on in the interwebs. i heard crying. from ozzie. this isn't abnormal. he wakes up crabby more times than not. he just needed a mommy snuggle before really waking up. so he came into the living room where i was sitting and jumped up on my lap. we sat for a bit and i told him, "time to put your mitt on ozzie." his response? "okay."


mitt on. time: 8:00am

we dove into breakfast. he did not want to sit in his high chair, he wanted to sit at his little table, on his little chair and wanted me to sit with him. sure no problem little buddy. he wanted lots of fruit. strawberries, grapes & blackberries. fruit granted. & toast cut up into 4 squares, with milk in his cup.

he had some trouble. our ot told us to start with larger pieces of food for him to grasp with his affected hand. he opted out of his normal yogurt cup too, maybe he was intimidated by the spoon? who knows. i talked to him about the activities we'd be doing after breakfast. we'll keep practicing pincer grasp for picking smaller things up.

miles was also home today and being almost 5 years old - he was not interested in a lot of the things we were planning on doing. we had struck a deal that the little tiny lego would have to go away until after lunch since it's not exactly appropriate for the kind of therapy we're doing with ozzie.

first up: playdoh!
alright, i won't lie. playdoh is not my favourite activity. mostly because i end up doing most of the work. but today the work was spread out between all of us. i had ozzie squish big balls of the dough with his hand. he liked to use his mitted hand to squash the balls too, but again, gentle reminders not to get his mitt dirty worked like a charm. we made pizza, different toppings for the pizza, alligators, food for the alligators and so on. lots and lots of squishing. win!

we cleaned up the playdoh and got down on the floor to play with the wooden blocks. a snowmobile was made. and we attempted a house but someone was more frustrated this time around. he went to use his mitted hand more than he did yesterday, but was much more effective putting blocks away with his right hand. so we pretended he was a crane that was picking up each block, complete with sound effects.

m&d puzzles. we did the musical instruments puzzle today. gentle reminders to grab the little red knobs were met with smiles because it worked for him! good stuff. the fishing rod style puzzle went a little haywire because he started using the rod as a weapon. a little frustrating but we got back on track picking up the wrecked cars with the magnet and also practicing numbers since there's numbers on the cars. win!

ozzie then took some direction of his own. because miles is also home today and was playing quietly by himself with little hot wheels cars - ozzie wanted to join in too. so he did. ozzie got on the floor with miles and happily played cars, driving them around the floor with his right hand grasped around them, while his other hand was flat on the floor as support. activities while miles is home could prove to be a little more difficult than i'd anticipated. but we'll work through it and get the boys playing therapy appropriate games or toys together.

happy to admit that three hours seemed to fly by.


  1. sounds like things are going great, good for all of you! xo

  2. I am just so very happy to read this and hear how WELL it's going! What an awesome, incredible thing. You are so patient and encouraging throughout all of this--Ozzie must really feel it.