Monday, March 19, 2012

because today is the day before.

so remember way back to almost a year ago, ozzie was about a year and a half and still not walking? we chalked it up to him being the 2nd kid and it's well known second kids seem to take their sweet ass time doing things? well he started sort of walking. yay! however, something was not right. mother's intuition? maybe. i stressed and tossed and turned and didn't sleep well during this time period.

and remember way back to april of last year when we took ozzie to a development clinic to get him checked out and they referred us to a physiotherapist for more information and testing? i stressed and tossed and turned and didn't sleep well during this period.

and remember how we just continued on with our summer as if nothing was wrong, but something was totally wrong and i called and called to find out when we had that developmental pediatrician appointment and it was so far away i wanted to kick and scream. and, you guessed it, i stressed and tossed and turned and yep. i didn't sleep well during this period.

and remember at the end of last summer, we met with a consulting pediatrician. he skirted around a diagnosis of cerebral palsy. and he ordered an mri. and he referred us to an orthopedic surgeon. yeah. the days surrounding that visit consisted of stress, tossing, turning and not sleeping well.

and remember way back in november we went and had ozzie fitted for his afo? we picked it up in december and the night before his first full day of wearing it i stressed, i tossed and turned, and did not sleep well.

and remember in december we finally met with a developmental pediatrician. the appointment itself was very anti-climatic. we already knew most of the things he told us that day. plus he told us he'd be passing ozzie on to a different developmental pedi/neurologist. still. i stressed, tossed and turned and did not sleep well.

today is the day before.
starting at 930am or so tomorrow morning, we start two weeks of constraint induced movement therapy (cimt). two weeks. 8 hours a day ozzie will wear a constraint mitt on his unaffected hand. his left hand. his "good" hand. his dominant hand. he'll have to get used to using his right hand for many things.

the idea behind this type of therapy is:
Constraint-induced movement therapy (CI or CIMT) is a form of rehabilitation therapy that improves upper extremity function in stroke and other Central Nervous System damage victims by increasing the use of their affected upper limb.[1]  via wikipedia.

neuroplasticity really is an amazing thing. new neural pathways will be made in his brain, and hopefully it'll make ozzie use his affected hand more, without being told to or reminded.


i should be stressed. i should be tossing and turning. i should be losing sleep. but i'm not. sure i'm nervous about how the whole thing will go down. but if i've learned one thing over the last year: it's that my kid is resilient. he's a trooper. he is becoming a little more independent each day, to the tune of "me do it myself!," if you try to help him. and yes, he has a few somewhat major things he needs to work on, things that would come naturally to other kids his age. he will get there. in his own time.

but today? i feel at peace with it all. because tomorrow? may be a different story.


  1. Look at that handsome little man! Many positive thoughts and hugs coming at you over the internets Momma. He will do amazing! There will be struggles, but you have such a wonderful attitude and you all will get through them together.

  2. Good things! These are big good things. He will do great and you will do great. Big HUGE hugs, one day at a time.

  3. I will be thinking about you guys. Magic is going to happen. It might be really crappy magic at first, but for good cause. Team huggybear.

  4. *wipes away tear* You inspire me, Mama.

  5. ugh.
    how i have cried at every turn of this process.
    but not now.
    not for this.
    this is progress.
    so excited for what is to come.
    love you guys.

  6. Look at that face! I can't wait to give him a squeeze. you guys are going to do great! xo

  7. Sending you all the love and "make it happen" vibes this ole heart can muster.
    You got this kid. <3

  8. thank you everyone. if i could hug you all in person, you better believe it'd be a bearhug. xo