Monday, January 16, 2012

the home bakery.

so in my big list i wanted to accomplish 1 different kind of bread per month. well. it's january and i hadn't even cracked that part of my list. so i was behind by 5 bread varieties. i've been motivated lately to get a move on this. also it's winter and carb overload is fun isn't it? big sweaters, cozy scarfs, leggings.

so this is what i've been doing:
first up, cinnamon raisin bread.

i used this recipe if you'd like to try it out. i only had 2 loaf pans on hand. i have a feeling a certain 4yo took my 3rd pain for his own kitchen and i couldn't for the life of me find it. i adjusted accordingly. and it was actually super easy. give it a shot. one loaf for now, one loaf for the freezer.

next up, bagels!
i've always wanted to try making bagels and today i did, with much success. they were time consuming, but well worth it. go here for the recipe. i also had "helpers" today.

the only tips i'd give out (take it or leave it) are:
1. either double or triple the recipe. if you're doing all the work already, might as well make lots so you can throw some in the freezer for later too.
2. make the bagels smaller - see the baby one there on the right? it's for miles' school lunch tomorrow. i've always thought the store sized bagels are way too big. making them yourself, you can adjust the sizes.

**UPDATE** i ate one of the everything bagels. toasted. with egg salad. and it. was. delicious. then? i stole some of ozzie's bagel scraps - sesame/not toasted. it was awesome. perfectly chewy outside, soft yummy inside. holy holy holy. you MUST try these bagels! **

and well, haven't decided what my next batch of bakery goodness will be. stay tuned!


  1. they look SO SO SOOOOO GOOD :)

  2. I now want a bagel super bad.

  3. I made pretzels a few months back, they were delicious.
    I should make them again. Think Ill make bagels too.

  4. Ha, I showed Louis your post and he responded with "so when are you going to make bagels? those look delicious" Guess Ill make some this week

  5. I made the raisin bread! I took one loaf to school with butter and it was gone before recess with many compliments. One for the freezer and one on the go. Thanks Erin!