Wednesday, January 4, 2012


before miles was born he received many books. this was one of them.  his first richard scarry book. cars and trucks from a to z. thanks annie & ben! so when he was all about grabbing and turning pages, this became his go-to book. and because it is so small and portable we'd take it out with us, the car, restaurants, friend's houses. it was his favourite. then when he got a bit older, it seemed to have been tucked away into the board book basket and forgotten about. until his brother was born and then ozzie became mr. grabbypants and wanted to look at books. though for ozzie it seemed to come at a later age. anyways. my quest to find awesome richard scarry books began.

library visits became frequent and so did checking out richard scarry books. the renewal of said richard scarry books became all too frequent. they were so well loved, not only by my own kids but all the other kids in our community. many pages were taped or scribbled on. i found myself looking for good condition richard scarry books at thrift stores, on craigslist etc.

now we have quite a collection, including these guys:

busytown mysteries on dvd became another library fav up until the copies i were signing out were all scratched. that didn't end well. or happily. nor did the numerous times where i was at my renewal limit and someone wanted MORE busytown. 

i decided to bring some of busytown home to my boys. the star characters of course. i had decided a few weeks before christmas that the boys needed a huckle cat and lowly worm of their own. i set to work in my sewing room one night and from photos i came up with this guy, a little creepy at that stage, if you ask me.

and there huckle's parts sat. well. he sat in my sewing room closet covered in a nice warm blanket of quilt batting, so that no little boys found him. almost 2 weeks. i hadn't picked him back up to finish him off. but christmas was upon us and i got back to work. i started and finished lowly before i picked huckle up again. go figure. there were some tricky parts to both guys but i got them done. finished product shot:

and of course the obligatory christmas shots:

needless to say, that morning they got tossed to the side like yesterday's trash. sigh. i knew it wouldn't really last though. you can't take lego to bed at night. now? they have homes right beside miles. ozzie could care less about his huckle cat - yet! for now, huckle takes up residence beside miles and lowly, under their own little blanket. 

i had a lot of fun making them. obviously for copyright reasons i wouldn't sell these guys. sadly. i know, because i've received numerous compliments and inquiries. it was a fun project nonetheless. 


  1. i love it! i/we are big richard scary fans around here too. AWESOME.

  2. Amazing work AND great pictures. It helps that your kids are super cutie-pies. xoxo

  3. They are amazing! So cool. I wouldn't have known they were handmade. Great job!

  4. if you're watching kids CBC next week, they're running a contest everyday during Busytown...

    I remember reading Richard Scarry when I was younger and now my daughter loves the books too!

  5. I adored Richard Scarry books while growing up and now Ezra and Iris love them so much too! It's awesome.

    And your Lowly Worm? He is awesome.

  6. How cute! Luke *loves* Busytown.