Thursday, December 27, 2012

hogwarts castle 2010

this lego set, hogwarts castle 4842, has been an ongoing want since earlier this year. i found it on kijiji for much less than in the store and the seller also threw in the freeing dobby set as well. my kids went apes bananas on christmas morning. that's the reaction we were hoping for. yay!

they understood that the set wouldn't be put together until christmas festivities were sort of over. well, yesterday on boxing day we had a free day, so brendan and i took turns putting the set together. 

5 and a half hours later it was finished.

this thing is going high up on a shelf. right now we have it on a little kids' table in our living room. miles has been playing with it a lot. ozzie, not so much. *shrug* 

here's what it looks like. it's super cool, lots of minifigs & really neat details from the books. 
check it out!

hope you all are enjoying some family time, eating lots of good food and putting your feet up. 

Friday, December 21, 2012

holiday photo. the outtakes.

this photo shoot did not take long. but many photos were taken in hopes we'd get ONE good shot. this was not easy. we did manage to get one good one. but in the meantime, these are the many many outtakes. 

happy holidays folks. hope you all enjoy some nice family time. 

Friday, December 7, 2012

baking blitz.

this week we went to brendan's parents house (hi kathy! hi d'arcy!) to do a helluvalotta baking. yay! something fun for the kids to be do! christmas traditions! yay! as the day got closer and closer, the kids were so excited to go and "bake cookies! at gram and grandad's house!"

well, i was correct in thinking the boys would be interested for all of the first five minutes. of course! first thing they did when standing at the counter was ask for a bowl of chocolate chips. then they played lego. they ran around the house. they watched a christmas video. they sampled cookies. they drew pictures. they played more lego. they made forts. they argued. they wrestled. they argued some more. there was some whining. there was some crying.

but when it was time to roll and cut some christmas cookies - all hands were on deck. it was lots of fun and a lot of work. but we pulled it off and brought home many many tins of christmas-y treats. we are all set for this month.

thanks again, kathy and d'arcy. we had a great, tiring day full of yummy cookies and bars and grilled cheese and pizza! and both boys crashed as soon as we got home that night.

the christmas baking tradition continues!

taste test.

oh these two.
decorating with a little help from grandad and gram.

very different decorating styles.

Monday, November 26, 2012


a very exciting day around these parts. i finally put an item up for sale in my etsy shop.
and voila! sold. 

a big thank you to korinna, who emailed me for a custom order. listing/selling on etsy was the easiest way to get her exactly what she ordered. she also gave me the much needed kick in the pants to start my online selling venture. it's really not that hard, it just takes a bit of thought and time. so again, a million thank yous korinna. i hope your darlings love my creations.

if you have any interest in a custom order or just to say hi, please don't hesitate to contact me, shoot me an email: thecorbettkid at gmail dot com

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thursday, November 22, 2012

custom order.

when someone asks me to do a custom order for them, whatever the item may be? initially, i have two thoughts.

the first:
"FUN project! oh man, this is so exciting, they are putting all their trust in me to make them something cool, this is gonna be AWESOME."


the second,
"FUN project! oh man, this is so exciting, they are putting all their trust in me to make them something so cool, this is gonna be AWESOME....oh my lord, i really truly hope they love this."

i think i often worry because the customer, whether it's a friend in real life or a friend i've never met, or a complete stranger? they're still expecting awesome results.

in my "before kids" work life, i had people leaning over my shoulder demanding teeny tiny changes here, there, everywhere. and while i happily did the changes, i expected people to ask me to do many more changes over the project's lifetime.

with my sewing? people have honest to goodness trust in what i'm creating. trust that they'll love it. trust that they're paying their hard earned dollars for something that will hopefully become a treasure or an heirloom. something that's a real keeper.

while custom orders are more time consuming than things that just pop out of my head, they're still handmade. as i'm working away on a custom order, i will often think of the person i'm specifically making the item for. i often wonder where it will be used or kept. and i think that maybe these ones, the custom ones ... they are handmade with a little bit more love, which i think in turn gives the blanket, creature, kitty, bear or whatever the item may be, a little bit more life.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Monday, November 19, 2012