Tuesday, December 20, 2011


i'm not talking about the artist known as m.i.a. i'm speaking of myself. lots going on with regards to the holidays coming up. i've been busy helping out in santa's workshop lately. i'd love to give you a sneak peek of what i've been up to, but i know some recipients read this blog - and well, that'd ruin the surprise wouldn't it?

i'll be back to show off the goods soon enough. 

i'll also be back to fill you in about our appointment to the developmental pediatrician. yes! we didn't have to wait until march 2012 after all! we got in last week, due to a cancellation and well - the 90mins (!) with the dr. was sort of a let down. that post will come later in the week - i hope. i suppose it all depends on what things i can accomplish during this week. 

christmas concert
going out to look at christmas lights
family time

wow. lots to do, on top of our normal day to day stuff.
i'm not worried. i'm even going to have fun doing it all. deep breath and... go dance!

Thursday, December 8, 2011


growing up we had a mustard yellow fridge. i don't remember having too many magnets on our fridge back then, but i'm sure if i thought about it long enough, i could remember specific magnets. my aunt had a fridge covered in fake food magnets. 

when we lived in toronto we had a stainless steel fridge - it wasn't magnetic. we had a bare naked fridge. it felt odd to have NOTHING posted. no pictures of cute babies. no little notes. no funny magnets. our magnet collection hung out on our filing cabinet in our basement office.

we moved 2.5 years ago. our home has a small kitchen. it's cozy. it's not very well thought out, i mean really you can't throw something in the garbage if the dishwasher is open. if someone has the fridge open you can't get by. but. our cozy kitchen has a white fridge with lots of magnets on it. homey. love it. especially the recipe ones. with three of them, it's the start of a collection, wouldn't you say?

what's on your fridge?