Monday, November 14, 2011


last week i asked miles to draw a monster, which i would then turn into a soft cuddly monster friend, and we'd then gift it to a friend's baby. he drew the monster as asked and was quite proud of his work. he instructed me as to which colour fur the monster would have, what the eyes would look like and how long the arms would be. easy enough. once i finished the project, i showed him my handiwork. i was quite excited and even asked miles what he'd name the little guy. "kiwi," he responded. aw. cute, i thought.

however. almost immediately - the tears started flowing. sobbing ensued. he was gasping for air! oh my, little buddy.

he finally told me, "mom, i don't want to give kiwi away. i want to keep him. he's mine!"

we compromised. i'd make a new gift - with very little time left, mind you, and he could keep his creation. how could i say no to a snotty tear stained face?


  1. Oh I love kiwi! I'd want to keep him too. I love this idea.

  2. Kiwi is adorable. I know tons of people who would love a kiwi of their own.

  3. he's super cute. actually, Miles AND Kiwi are super cute. <3

  4. so great erin! such a great gift idea! i know mathias certainly loves the fox you guys made him!

  5. What lucky kids! Awesome mom!

  6. I LOVE Kiwi. Little smile and long arms for hugging.

    Adore it. You are so talented.