Tuesday, November 15, 2011


miles did a few drawings for this critter. some of those drawings were just too darn scary. once i found a drawing of a monster i didn't mind, i improvised and used my creative license to turn him into a more friendly looking guy.

this one was also a gift. there was a baby shower for a friend of ours over the weekend and again when i finished sewing this dude i proudly showed it to miles and he was speechless, with a huge grin on his face! sucess! he liked it. and named him, "cucumber."


the grin turned into a quivering lip.

"nooooo! this one is for the BABY!," i said.
"but mom..., ..........." 
"um...... okay mom. but can i at least snuggle with him at bedtime?"

this creative endeavour - of creating monster stuffies from my kid's drawings and possibly selling them? well, i may end up with a house full of monsters.

would you want your kid's drawing made into a stuffed friend for them? let me know, drop me an email: thecorbettkid @ gmail . com.


  1. you're just too creative. You would make a killing selling little monsters on etsy. I don't think anything that Ollie has draw up to now would make a very good monster. I will totally buy one when his drawing make a bit more sense.

  2. These are amazing! I love them! I can't decide if I like kiwi or cucumber better.

  3. I'm so honoured that Miles let my little girl have Cucumber! Tell him thank you.
    You really could make a killing with these creative critters. Keep up the amazing work Erin!