Wednesday, May 4, 2011


i've been absent but all the while still here.

one child runs wildly down the street, while the other child is still learning how to walk.

this has been taking over my mind for the last few months. our minds.

"oh, he's so close to walking."
"he'll be walking by christmas for sure!"
"soon, he'll be up and chasing miles, very soon!"

"yah, no. he's not walking yet."

ozzie has an appointment with a physiotherapist, as well as an occupational therapist next week. we're heading in the right direction and i feel a small weight lifted off my shoulders. but the mom guilt? it's still there, lingering. at least until we get some answers.

also: i've been crafting. sort of. mostly starting. hardly finishing. i need to work on the finishing part. i get so excited when i do finally finish a project. but i seem to start. put away. start. put away. i need to stop THIS cycle and just finish a project one at a time.  yes. this.

some projects on the go:



  1. Mom guilt is the worst and I know saying it won't make it go away but try to stop worrying until you have a true reason to worry. Hang in there! xo

  2. I know you finished at least one of those projects.... best pillow EVER!