Tuesday, May 17, 2011


we left ozzie's appointment with the physiotherapist with more questions than answers. ozzie did well. he played with toys. he made strange, but quickly warmed and co-operated with the therapist. basically she wanted to see how he was doing with his walking, how he was crawling, how he was grabbing.

and? he's developing normally. he's walking so much more independently as of late as well. he's getting where he wants to go, in his own, interesting way.


there's always a but isn't there?

he has a spasm in his left leg. i knew it was there - miles had the same sort of spasms when he was young, and seemingly grew out of it. the spasms happen when you press on his foot, or if he's super relaxed lying down. when ozzie walks - his left leg is the stronger of the two, with the right leg sort of following along as he goes. so. he's a bit of a puzzle. but our next pt appointment: june 27. we're hoping he'll have progressed with his walking (which he already is, so? ding!).

the spasms in his leg is also known as clonus.

"please. do. not. google," straight out of the mouth of our pt.  because there are so many mis-interpretations of this diagnosis, right? anyways, of course i googled it. then i panicked. and cried to myself wondering what if?  i'm hoping it's something he grows out of. as of right now, we don't have that definite answer. though we do have a referral to a developmental pediatrician, who hopefully will enlighten us. cue: more waiting.

mom guilt? lessened.

the walking? bring it on!


  1. We hope everything works out soon.
    We love Ozzie.


  2. thanks sandra, we hope it gets sorted soon. keep you posted! xo