Wednesday, May 25, 2011


every night we do the same routine. this is good for kids right? routines? rituals? i believe so. because if we alter ours even slightly? chaos.

in the winter our routine was a bit out of sorts. a bath was not, in my opinion, needed every single night. meh. and miles never really wanted to get wet or get cold. but now? now that we've got some lovely weather at hand and we're outside more - we apply sunscreen & bug repellent, we're digging in the dirt or the sandbox. picking flowers, picking lettuce, picking chives. so now? we do bath night every night. to wash off the grime. the slime. the sand.

after a bath miles will grab "normal clothes" from his drawers. pants, a shirt and socks. we dress ozzie in regular old pjs. after making myself a tea - in which miles has to put the teabag in my cup - we all head downstairs with a snack to watch a dvd. sometimes it's a show on dvd, other times it's a full kids movie. and this is the only time we watch tv during the day.

once the show is finished we'll go back upstairs and the boys fight over who gets to stand on the stool first to brush their teeth. usually they end up on it together while i cringe in the background hoping someone doesn't fall off.

note to self: find a longer stool.

but this is where it gets a little interesting. i can't remember myself as a 4 year old. and i can't tell you i really understand miles' 4 year old mindset. i have no idea if there's something more going on or if this is completely normal behaviour for a young child: please remember, every night is the same.

  • in their bedroom, miles has to turn the big overhead light on.
  • then he has to turn the lamp on. 
  • then he has to turn the big overhead light off and shut the door.
  • at this point, i'm in their bed waiting for ozzie to jump up with me and snuggle. we're ready to read books.
  • he gets his pajamas and a new pair of socks from the drawer, i help him get dressed.
  • he picks 3 books from his bookshelf (i have made a rule that they have to be books we haven't read in a really really long time - i got tired of reading the SAME books over and over again, every night!).
  • we read the 3 books.
  • he grabs his water cup and takes a drink, offers me a drink and offers ozzie a drink.
  • jumps in bed, turns off the lamp, whips his socks off (yes he only wears his socks to read books...).
  • i have to remove the extra pillow behind his normal pillow.
  • miles will give me 3 kisses and then give ozzie 1 kiss.
  • sing these songs in this order: 
  • twinkle twinkle, baa baa black sheep, she'll be coming round the mountain, you are my sunshine, the alphabet, baa baa black sheep. the end.
    if he is still awake miles will sing his rendition of baa baa black sheep.

within 5-10 minutes both boys are asleep. phew. and usually? i end up falling asleep with them.

so after typing all of that - i'm tired. and ready for bed.
routines, do you have them?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


we left ozzie's appointment with the physiotherapist with more questions than answers. ozzie did well. he played with toys. he made strange, but quickly warmed and co-operated with the therapist. basically she wanted to see how he was doing with his walking, how he was crawling, how he was grabbing.

and? he's developing normally. he's walking so much more independently as of late as well. he's getting where he wants to go, in his own, interesting way.


there's always a but isn't there?

he has a spasm in his left leg. i knew it was there - miles had the same sort of spasms when he was young, and seemingly grew out of it. the spasms happen when you press on his foot, or if he's super relaxed lying down. when ozzie walks - his left leg is the stronger of the two, with the right leg sort of following along as he goes. so. he's a bit of a puzzle. but our next pt appointment: june 27. we're hoping he'll have progressed with his walking (which he already is, so? ding!).

the spasms in his leg is also known as clonus.

"please. do. not. google," straight out of the mouth of our pt.  because there are so many mis-interpretations of this diagnosis, right? anyways, of course i googled it. then i panicked. and cried to myself wondering what if?  i'm hoping it's something he grows out of. as of right now, we don't have that definite answer. though we do have a referral to a developmental pediatrician, who hopefully will enlighten us. cue: more waiting.

mom guilt? lessened.

the walking? bring it on!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


i've been absent but all the while still here.

one child runs wildly down the street, while the other child is still learning how to walk.

this has been taking over my mind for the last few months. our minds.

"oh, he's so close to walking."
"he'll be walking by christmas for sure!"
"soon, he'll be up and chasing miles, very soon!"

"yah, no. he's not walking yet."

ozzie has an appointment with a physiotherapist, as well as an occupational therapist next week. we're heading in the right direction and i feel a small weight lifted off my shoulders. but the mom guilt? it's still there, lingering. at least until we get some answers.

also: i've been crafting. sort of. mostly starting. hardly finishing. i need to work on the finishing part. i get so excited when i do finally finish a project. but i seem to start. put away. start. put away. i need to stop THIS cycle and just finish a project one at a time.  yes. this.

some projects on the go: